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development request for blocks


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It has come to my attention that each block has a texture number, I would like to request the devs to make an xml called block texture. In the same way that they created a item icon folder. This would allow us to create new custom plants. As well as texture packs for 7 days to die.


Sdx has run its course with 7 days to die block assets and its time for an upgrade! we shouldn't have to go through a mile of work and errors just to add a block to the game. we shouldn't have to install a program to get new textures!!!


How many people would quit modding if 7d2d decided, "hey we are going to make it so you have to do the same thing with items" i know i would!


not to mention there is a downside sdx! sdx servers can only be played on by sdx players so the average joe who wants to play along with simple mods has to go through a mile of work


here is what i propose, if i want to add a plant like golden rods design i would be able to add a 2d texture id to cross the file like a goldenrod plant vs downloading 4 programs to edit a file re-import it and try to find out what errors would come up. this would make for a cleaner mod


with the use of a BlockTextures.xml


or you could have something like this in the


<Texture_Name="plantedGoldenrod3Harvest" Texture_ID="362">


this water you dont have to change anything in the blocks.xml


<block name="plantedGoldenrod3Harvest">

<property name="Extends" value="cropsHarvestableMaster"/>

<property name="CustomIcon" value="plantedGoldenrod3Harvest"/>

<property name="Texture" value="362"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceCropGoldenrodPlant" count="1" tag="wildCropsHarvest"/>


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