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  1. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    Updated check discord
  2. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    New Mod Update on discord
  3. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    Added Walker guts to decrease smell and sight, they will search at your location but they may not see you depending how many intestines you have on you lol
  4. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    Better pricing update
  5. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    New 18.2 B2 Update
  6. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    18.1B8 Update better loot and loot leveling out for store shelves
  7. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    updated with recipes
  8. nioton6

    Butcher Mod

    no completely xpathing
  9. nioton6

    More Vanilla Food

    Great ideas merging again
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