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Despite bugs and minor critiques, I like A18 overall quite a bit!


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Hey guys, on my stream I rattled off a variety of small complaints, as I figure that's the main thing you want when the game is in alpha -- feedback on what people don't like.


But positivity is important too, and despite the bugs and crashing, and some complaints about what Skill Perk is in which tree (eg, the skill that makes you get more leather for light armor is in the tree that gives Heavy armor) I have to say that overall I am really pleased with the direction the game is going.


My favorite things so far in A18 are:


1) Each stat having its own weapon skills is really cool.

2) Spears are satisfying AF to throw into zombie faces.

3) I like the new prefabs designs.

4) Game is starting to feel more cohesive overall.

5) Junk turret is super fun, but seems a little weak at first. Could maybe stand to have cheaper ammo?

6) Stun baton is super satisfying.


Negative feedback:


1) Pump shotgun animation is bleh. It's an anti-aircraft gun with how high it flings itself upwards. Shotguns IRL come straight back into your shoulder, and don't rise that much. 7 Days isn't IRL but the radical movement of your crosshair made the pump shotgun very unfun to use.


2) I think the skinning perk (The Huntsman) should move to the Agility tree. It gives you mats for Light Armor, so should be in the Light Armor tree. The Agility tree is also the one with bows and striking from the shadows and stealth, which sounds like hunting to me.


Currently, to be the best guy at hunting animals, you need 3 different trees -- Perception, Fortitude, and Agility, because the animal tracking is in Perception. I think cutting that down to just Perception/Agility is the way to go.


3) The cooking perk being in STR is strange, but Fortitude is already an overloaded tree, and I looked at it trying to think of something you could switch. Maybe Heavy Armor and Cooking trade places? But that kind of guts the "Tank" aspect that Fort was going for. I'm not sure what to do on this one, but Cooking seems to not really belong in any one specific tree, but Fort having the Farming stuff seems like the most likely place.


4) Infiltrator is very lackluster and could probably be just combined with the Lockpicking perk.

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