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  1. I found some footage of a guy shooting your Pipe Shotgun. 😛
  2. Edit: My wife just suggested Stardew/Harvest Moon inspired order fulfillment. Getting a certain amount of crop or resource for the trader.
  3. I have some more feedback about quests. Quests were my main way of playing the game, and the thing I do when no other task around the base needs doing. I've found myself not wanting to play the game as much because the Tier 5 POI's are just too big and take too long to do. I went through a lot of very well designed POI's in the Tier 1 through Tier 3 range, and some of the Tier 4's are cool, but the size of these dungeons is just too big. Or, maybe more accurately, the CLEAR objective is just not a fun one to do when the POI gets bigger than a two-story house. I don'
  4. Any thoughts on the Huntsman skill? I think it should be a 3 rank perk (33->66->100%) instead of the 5 ranks (20,40,60,80,100%). (The farming perk is 3 ranks and gives way more stuff.) Or maybe be merged with the animal tracking skill? The current iteration of what you get out of it for 5 skill points seems a little flaccid.
  5. To temper negative feedback about high tier clears with positive: The agility tree is very satisfying and fun. I just maxed out the entire tree last play session. The weapons in agility feel like "Pick this if you want to dabble at everything". It's got a submachine gun that got less damage but cheaper ammo than the proper machineguns. It's got crossbows that can snipe like sniper rifles, but without fast follow-ups. It's got knives that are decent at melee and also free up a hotbar slot by serving to butcher animals too. The versatility of the tree is pretty great
  6. Yeah I ended up just canceling the quest. On that note, some of these Tier IV and Tier V clear locations are just... to be blunt, kind of a pain in the @%$*#! to clear. I don't like how long it takes IRL to hunt down all the little forgotten monster closets of random zombies. Could we make the helper pips on the radar show up sooner or otherwise be more aggressive, or maybe let the quest complete at a 90% clear or something? I've gotten really good with the agility tree at clearing these places quietly and quickly, and then I spend hours wandering around an
  7. But I only had this 1 quest in my journal, along with a treasure map buried chest quest. I did log out of the server in the middle of the quest because I had to go AFK for a while, I suppose that's what bugged it up?
  8. What's going on with this quest not available thing?
  9. Actually, I am reminded of an old Japanese belief, that when a tool turned 100 years old, it gained a spirit. Japan has very limited natural resources, and that permeated their culture (nail-free construction, metalwork that made the best of what metal was around) and so they treasured well made, long-lasted items, and cared for them. How is this for an idea: The longer you use an item, the BETTER it gets. Maybe this could be a book capstone or a skill, that whenever you repair an item with 0 durability, there's a chance for it to jump up a level in quality.
  10. Please don't do perma degredation, it's just obnoxious.
  11. I like the new stealth technology on the military gloves, my hands are totally invisible with them!
  12. Quick question: Was the pipe weapons+blunderbuss removal going to be this a19 or was that delayed until a20?
  13. Agreed. I was mystified when this debate started up. There's so many POI's and you can reset them on demand even in a picked-over Multiplayer Server! Why did this ever come up? I mean yeah if you do the POI, then start the quest, I guess you gain some benefit in the form of knowing the layout of the POI in advance for your second clear, so you know what room the good loot is in... but that's such a little thing, because most POI's have a fairly linear (mostly) path to take that guides you through it. And if it bothers people that much, can't they just choose to reset
  14. Are you sure? I set up a gun range at my base and measured out the blocks, and put log blocks as targets to try and figure out what the max range of "5" actually meant. It was from these tests that I figured out it was 10 blocks. The pump shotgun I had didn't even do 1 point of damage to the log block on the 11th row (no repairs needed on it), but would readily kill the block on the 10th row.
  15. The issue is that the IRL weakness of the shotgun isn't really an issue in 7 Days to Die -- namely, the weight and bulk of shotgun ammunition, and the fact of reloading the pump shotgun goes way too quickly because they don't simulate the tube, it's always just an animation of loading only 2 rounds and you're fully topped off. So if you're not hindered by the weight and bulk of the ammo, and you reload it basically instantly compared to IRL, of course the shotgun is going to be god tier. There is a reason a lot of guys when pressed would take something like an Remington
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