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Most fun hoard night I've had yet


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Psh, safety. Not anymore- well, not as long as I have a late-game character with great gear, tons of ammo and enough medicine for a platoon. I wanted to actually use some of this stuff up before the update drops, so I ditched my heavily-fortified base for a parkour park. (Jumped into god mode right after to get a pic from above)



You can see my loadout in the screenshot. I drank a lot of coffee throughout the night and played chicken with them rather than backpedaling, just to even the odds in their favor. Bounced around on the structures when I needed to heal or just take a breather. I used about a dozen first aid bandages, 2 pain killers and 5 kits. Ammo: about half a stack of 9mm and 7.62, as well as 2 dozen explosive bolts, 10 HE rockets and almost a stack of shells. Oh, and over 50% of my club's durability.


The best structures were the wall with the ramp near the top of the screen and the tall spiral tower near the bottom right. The forest of centered posts was just as dangerous and silly to run through as it looks. The spiral tower(bottom right) worked especially well. It's just a 1x1 pole in center with steps descending in a spiral around to ground level. It actually worked really well, enough so that I will mess around designing something a little safer like it sometime. I stood up top and just clubbed them in the face as they climbed. Most of them fell off if they didn't die.


Anyone else doing anything fun to bid farewell to A17?

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