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  1. I think that's the learnin' elixir. "It burns going down..."
  2. andrough

    andrough modlets

    Here is a collection of little projects that grew up enough that I thought they might be worth sharing. Decorative Variant Blocks(A18)(github) -adds 20 craftable variant blocks full of decorative building blocks(block list) Made to hold me over until we can pick up this stuff and take it home. Dozens and dozens of vanilla blocks categorized mostly by their component materials. Too many to list in an unobnoxious way here, so I made the ReadMe that is linked. Possible issue is balance. I tried to balance the recipes towards the high end of the less common ingredients with additional ingredients to cover cost/context all while keeping the added number of blocks/recipes down. It's possible I missed some balancing-I'm open to suggestion here. There are some blocks available in the variant helpers that were already available in game, but I thought it would be convenient to group them together anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah! Solar(A18)(github) -makes the solar cell and bank recipes unlockable via Yeah! Science. Cell quality and recipe cost scales with Y!S level Just something I was messing around with to learn a little more. I'm not sure my change to the node in progression is the most elegant way to do it, but it works without interfering with other recipe unlocks. Again, some may find the recipes unbalanced. You're welcome to change whatever you like with either. Feedback is welcome. GLHF
  3. In my experience and according to the in-game notes, NPCs will only visit the rented machines. I haven't looked any deeper into it, but they seem to like food and meds a lot. I'm not sure if I've ever sold a piece of equipment to an NPC... I make money off of renting, both in single and multiplayer. It was and may even still be bugged so that you can collect the dukes back from your machine when you pay to extend the rent. The purchased machines are good for MP, especially if you make some centralized spot where people can visit and place their own. Be careful, though. They are not protected from destruction if not claimed.
  4. No, but you could make all the stone blocks in the world work the way the boulders used to. Or if you're feeling claustrophobic, make the cinder block piles like those boulders and you can explore the wasteland. Fair enough. I am really asking to try to help because I feel for you if you're not having fun playing. Sandbox games can get a little grindy and feel like work sometimes. What do you all plan to do once bandits are implemented?
  5. My first question was rhetorical and I knew the answer would be perks, but I just don't get it in a game like this. I fully understand optimal play and min-maxing. I used to play a game that allowed you a limited number of turns per day and playing that optimally was challenging and a blast(had an Excel workbook with a dozen different pages of spaded data and projections/odds/calculations), but EVERYTHING in this game is infinite. You won't deplete the world of anything just by not perking into looting or mining and you can still gather plenty of resources to supplement your specialized member without the perks. Fine that you all have your roles, but if it's not working, you have so many options from editing XMLs to just maybe not being so stubborn and min-maxy. If you aren't enjoying being the miner, then tell your friends to get off their asses and give you a hand? Or literally change the game by editing the files to make it work for the strategy you're committed to. As far as something being perfected, fine. You may have perfected something for the last alpha, but this is a work in progress you're playing. Half the fun for me each version is adjusting and it makes it like a new game each time they update. Is it really fun to make the same base by the same day with every member doing the same thing every single playthrough?
  6. Why does your group not help with mining? Why work so hard on a base early on when there are so many throwaway POIs? I recommend getting out and trying to get some books and gear that make mining go much more quickly than whacking away with an iron pickaxe. If everyone pitches in and sells to the trader, you can buy much of your ammo for the first few weeks. I didn't focus into mining until much later and still had enough resources to equip a group of 4-5 who had less time to play than I did leading up to hoards. And if it's real bad, just separate until you can handle the resources required for that gamestage. It's easy to fortify a few different sturdy POI's to use separately until you are all equipped. While I may agree that the gamestage may compound a bit too much when grouped, there is nothing forcing you to stick to tactics that just aren't working to deal with it.
  7. I use my friends' funnel base when they're online and my parkour park I messed around with in A17 when they aren't. My character build was focused on handguns and bows primarily with shotgun and bat as secondary, but I recently respec'd completely out of melee and just use handguns and shotguns with a little bow peppered in. A magnum with 2 points in penetrator and AP ammo provides serious firepower and I use AP ammo for my handgun. Demolishers usually die to procs of the head-splosion, but sometimes the magnum takes care of them just fine without a proc. The funnel base is as easy as it was in the last alpha and I am usually the one to jump down and clear any zombies from areas in which they should not be since I can hop up to the ladder easily. With light armor and parkour maxed out, fighting in the open is a breeze. Not too hard to stay one step ahead of them and line them up using my compass since they are only 8-directional. Oh, and explosive arrows for fun/huge crowds. They may lack a bit in damage, but they can be spammed so quickly that I can keep large clumps from advancing on me too much. My loadout is bow, pistol, magnum, shotgun, coffee, bandage, kit, and food or learnin' elixirs. Level 55+ with all the pertinent book collections.
  8. It's not the most effective setup, but I'm having fun with DoT. I'm perked into agility, but for melee I like to use a stun baton with a flaming shaft, then put some bleeding onto them after they're shocked.
  9. Think it's trader joel. Can't check it now, but if I remember right, those are wood support beams(1 and 2) and maybe the old log spikes on top of 100 pillars. Unless they were added in A18, you'll need to make recipes for them to use them outside of creative.
  10. Did you design the soda fountain we've been seeing in A18?
  11. Psh, safety. Not anymore- well, not as long as I have a late-game character with great gear, tons of ammo and enough medicine for a platoon. I wanted to actually use some of this stuff up before the update drops, so I ditched my heavily-fortified base for a parkour park. (Jumped into god mode right after to get a pic from above) You can see my loadout in the screenshot. I drank a lot of coffee throughout the night and played chicken with them rather than backpedaling, just to even the odds in their favor. Bounced around on the structures when I needed to heal or just take a breather. I used about a dozen first aid bandages, 2 pain killers and 5 kits. Ammo: about half a stack of 9mm and 7.62, as well as 2 dozen explosive bolts, 10 HE rockets and almost a stack of shells. Oh, and over 50% of my club's durability. The best structures were the wall with the ramp near the top of the screen and the tall spiral tower near the bottom right. The forest of centered posts was just as dangerous and silly to run through as it looks. The spiral tower(bottom right) worked especially well. It's just a 1x1 pole in center with steps descending in a spiral around to ground level. It actually worked really well, enough so that I will mess around designing something a little safer like it sometime. I stood up top and just clubbed them in the face as they climbed. Most of them fell off if they didn't die. Anyone else doing anything fun to bid farewell to A17?
  12. This is a death penalty I like to use in my games, too. I even comment out the sleeping bag class on the beds so I can still decorate with them if I want to. I predict your players will have a sore back, hurt feelings and greater character.
  13. This process is so easy it doesn't really require a how-to, but I had to ask a moderator after a forum and FAQ search yielded nothing for me so I thought a post with some keywords could help some others. So, how to. 1. Click "Settings" in the upper right. 2. In the tables of modules on the left, under "My Settings", there it is. "Steam Account Link". Maybe this link will even work for you: https://7daystodie.com/forums/profile.php?do=steamlink (Thanks, Hek Harris, for originally sharing this comic that's so funny I wanted to share it again.)
  14. That's Current Amount Held/Amount Required. @Joe: Did you also change your oil shale max stack size down to 5760? I was able to start refining gas like a well-oiled... uh, oil refinery after that little edit.
  15. Yeah spawns are a contentious point and a lot of people(including me) want a little more danger and action outside, but at what point do they draw the line on options? What if the options open cans of bugs on planned progression? What's the metric for un/popularity to even decide what should be an option? Don't forget we're playing a work in progress, at least they have acknowledged this complaint and exposed a lot to modders in the meantime. I'm saving all my ire for gold edition.
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