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Geek Gaming A18 Server (A18 Geek Gaming) - Standard difficulty, 8K map


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The new server IS LIVE


Server name - A18 Geek Gaming

PVE: No killing, thieves booted

32 player support

Map size: 12K (NITROGEN)


Balanced World Gen - 12K, Smoother, Balanced Biomes, Wasteland border, added Burned/wasteland biomes. MAX Cities irregular, More Towns, more...well, everything. Few big lakes, standard roads, small lakes, and rivers. If you have experienced Nitrogen, you're missing out.


We will start off standard difficulty with minor tweaks based upon user feedback. These will include expanded Clip mags, more zombies in world, and more. We will adjust horde nights to last all night long, assuming XML's are similar to A17.

Discord channel link: https://discord.gg/fVP2eRR

Server will be stocked regularly with hidden "special" chests to find in random places like the bottom of a lake, deep within the bowels of POI's, and on rooftops.

5 Landclaim blocks will be available to each player


Hope to see you on Monday. Server will be up roughly one hour after release.

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10/08 - Minor modifications to server:


Traders now have more ammo (in general) in stock.

Chance for ammo in loot, slightly higher

Adjusted block damage to normal

Zombies have been upgraded from Jog to Run at night

Hidden chests with "Gourmet loot" now being hidden throughout the world

Landclaim now set to 3 per client (down from 5), due to amount of clients onboard

Bumped up client count to 32 from 16 due to server popularity


Looking for voice chat?


Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/fVP2eRR


Once connected, choose 7 Days to die channel. Any questions? Post here or message me. Ti2xgr on Discord




If hung on loading map? Cancel, go back to main menu and connect again. Works second time. Not sure why.


Bad Frame rates? Changing Visual settings while in game randomly nerfs Frame rates. Exit game, make visual changes and then join. Seems to work better.

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