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Add custom post processing shaders & allow editing existing post processing shaders


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A rather glaring issue with 7 Days is the lighting. The gamma slider washes out the scene at higher values, and crushes the shadows at lower values. The bloom is also overly intense, which makes for a blurry haze.


Having access to the HLSL code for those shaders would allow them to be adjusted, and the ability to create new shaders would allow for much improved graphics. To show what the difference in shaders can make to a game, you need only look at the post-processing mod ENB Series for Bethesda's games. As an example, here is one I made for New Vegas by editing the HLSL code from one made for Skyrim.


The only difference between the vanilla screen shots, and the ENB's, is the post processing code; the bloom shader was replaced with one that uses the depth buffer, which alleviates detail loss, and a rather long tonemapping shader was thrown on top of the game's post processing before the bloom is applied.


Having access to 7 Days' shaders system would allow for huge advancements in graphical fidelity. Ideally, we'd also have a few float variables; 1 float for time of day , 1 float for current biome (e.g, 0.0 = forest, 1.0 = burnt, 2.0 = tundra, etc), and 1 float for current weather.

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