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Midnight Slayers


Our Website


I Operate a Private Modded PVE Server and am always always looking for more people to join.

I focus on Community gameplay, but all play styles are welcome.





Port: 26990

Password: Add me and ask for password

Join our Discord here and our Bot will point you in the right direction to download our Mods and gain access to the Server.



Basic Breakdown:


Server that has been around since A10. Experienced Crew that has been working together and playing together for 4 Years! Modded, Private and Passworded for your Peace of mind. No more lost base to some random, and hourly save and backups to ensure you don't lose game progress due to crash, bug or griefer.


Server Features:

Active Discord- moderated by a bot

Bridged Discord and Game chat with CSMM

Community Base open to ALL Players.

Password protected Server (keeps out trolls and keeps our bases safe)

Hourly Backups (never lose base progress again)

Admin who listens to Player's suggestions and opinion



Difficulty: 4

Day length: 90 min

Daylight length: 18hrs

Zombies speed: Run only at night and Blood Moon

Max Zombies: 60

Max Animals: 50

Loot Abundance: 150%

Loot Respawn time: 15 days

Drop on Death: Backpack only

Airdrop: 3 days

Claim size: 41

Deadzone: 31

Claim Duration: 14 days

Claim Decay: Slow

Party Shared Killed Range: 100M

2x Xp





1. Don't Steal

2. Don't trespass

3. Be polite to all players



Sittable Chairs, Couches, Hammocks, Beds etc


Wandering Traders


Manux's Vehicles

Over 20 new vehicles

Over 20 new Melee and Firearms weapons

Firearms 2



Multi seater in all vehicles

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Bump. STill here in A18.


We have a community town center that has a bank, 2 traders and plenty of other buildings to use that actually serve purpose.


Store special items at the bank along with money, and or just hang out at Town as its 100% zombie free always. EVEN during Blood Moon.

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