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Empty containers?


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I think the idea you had to include different states for containers based on whether they can have loot or not was quite interesting, but i feel it didn't live up to its full potential. A much more useful version of it would be to have the same container change its look based on whether (the character knows that) it has loot in it or is empty, so that i don't need to jump off my bike to check whether the tooltip starts with "empty" or not... This would probably need an additional texture for each container (e.g. chests/trash cans/boxes/etc with open lid when empty, bird nests with a grass cover unless empty, deflated trash bags, and so on), but would definitely be worth it IMO.


One thing i think might be a "con" for this would be that each player on a server might need to be shown the specific look based on their "knowledge"... but i think this would-be-issue was already bypassed, considering the tooltip on the container already knows if the state was changed before.

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