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Geek Gaming 17.4 Nitrogen 8K PVE Standard difficulty with 150% XP and minor tweaks


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We have started a fresh map with an 8K size as some users were having a hard time running a 16K map. Custom map with extra traders/cars, More ammo, and minor tweaks to some of the mods. Admin monitored and welcome to all.


Server Name: GEEK GAMING 17.4


This is a PVE server. Do not steal materials from other users or you will be banned.


The server is backed up hourly. If you have any issues with server/items disappearing, just contact an admin and we will help you to recover your lost items.


We are Discord friendly. It is much more fun to talk with headsets vs. text chatting. If you have a headset, feel free to join us.



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We've had a great influx this last weekend of survivors. This is a relatively fresh map, designed to have one last great taste of A17.4 before A18 is released. A few of the tweaks that we have added:


Extra large cities, land features, more diverse biomes, more traders and car lots to start.

Horde night is 10 days with a 3 day swing. Warning is at 1:00 am the day of

150% XP for quick leveling

Extra ammo possible with loot

Mag extenders bumped to allow 37 in a clip for both AK and pistol

Hidden chests with "super loot" randomly placed throughout the world

5 land claim blocks allowed per user so you can bases or mega-bases


West Coast U.S. dedicated Server - Come join us for fun. See above for Discord invite

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Not only do you have a better chance at finding ammo (and more of it) in the world, now you have a reason to find it!


We have gone through the painstaking process of tweaking the XMLs, to provide a more un-living and un-breathing world. You better watch your back. We have MORE zombies wandering the streets, day and night. The city is not a safe place to sleep. The safest biome...is the wasteland. Otherwise, better watch your back while you're trying to survive in your daily life! Tough enough to have to keep looking behind you, but relaxed enough to avoid if you keep moving.


Minor adjustment: We have throttled back loot chance to 125% of normal.


We still help out new players and will help you to learn/progress through the game. We support different play styles. There are plenty of group raids and we will help you to level up.


We don't tolerate thieves/cheaters. You steal from other players, you are banned...immediately. Please be community minded. The zombies are your enemy...not us.


Otherwise, solo and want to be on your own? Go for it! Want to team up with others - We love company and laughs (See discord link). We are on most evenings (PST: 8-10 weekdays, and most weekends). Server is only down shortly for maintenance and enhancements. Suggestions welcome!

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Wow! The new adjustments we've made to the server are great! More zombies and life (undead) throughout the world. No more travelling across the map with nothing but emptiness. Zombies swarm the city streets and shooting up zombies in a skyscraper now bring out the entire neighborhood to swarm the tower. Much more action, much more bullets to balance that action. Join us!

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