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Creating imposter ruined my model


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I've created a big and pretty prefab, and I thought it was about time I update the imposter for it, so I clicked the "Update imposter" button, saw that it was good, and saved the prefab.


However, this actually ruined my prefab!

Now, whenever I load the prefab, all I see is the imposter, and I can't get back to my pretty prefab. Clicking "Show imposter" only gives a message that my prefab "has no imposter", so it seems I can't get back to my previous model!


Why does "Update imposter" actually destroy the prefab?

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That's how I would expect it to work, but when I clicked "Update imposter" it showed the new generated imposter model and I saved the prefab.

However, the "Show imposter" button is unchecked, and whenever I click it I get a message saying that the prefab "has no imposter"... so clicking the button you mentioned has no effect.

Unloading and loading the model again still shows the imposter model, and its still not possible to click "Show imposter".

Exiting and restarting the game has the same effect.

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