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Add some fixed loot please


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So to build a chem station I need two beakers. I thought about where I could get them, and my eyes became fixed on that 7-story pharma headquarters that just happened to be my neighbour. How serendipitous: surely they have a beaker! But guess what: after wading through several stories of lab space after lab space, I was swimming in every conceivable chem stuff except beakers. No single beaker in the whole damned building! What kind of research is this?! They must use magic instead of science.


Eventually I did find a beaker in a random pill shelf in the second pop'n pills that I raided. That's not the point. The point is that I'd love to see the game use a little bit more logic in what loot can for certainty be found in certain POIs. For this, I'd recommend complementing the RNG-based loot distribution with some pre-set loot. So a laboratory should have a beaker, and a player needing a beaker should be able to know that finding a laboratory equals finding a beaker. In the same way we already know that finding a construction yard pretty much guarantees finding concrete mix or a farm would definitely have some crops. (They should also have a hoe, I reckon.) Or that a gas station has gas.


For example, as a player I felt really rewarded after I ran to the river to get clay soil and it actually worked: just like in real like the banks of the river were much more clay rich than the wasteland I came from.


I think it would make the game more immersive: instead of relying heavily on the RNG one could really think things through and be sure that certain places will have certain kinds of things. It would also help with the countless problems players are having with such bottle necks as beakers and tool and die sets for ammo production.


Instead of fixing the location of said things, one could e.g. seed a beaker in a lab and randomise its location among the loot. That way experienced players could not beeline directly to the item based on memory.

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