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  1. Oh indeed, thanks! That was too subtle for my failing eyes
  2. Just a quick suggestion: could we have some kind of a marker or a warning if a schematic has already been used or if the crafting has been unlocked by a perk? I can't keep all my schematics straight in my head. I know you can technically go to your character, search for the item in question and see if it is unlocked for you, but it seems like a needless hassle. I don't even know why someone would read a schematic again. For the measly XP, when you can sell it for a fairly good price? For inventory management while looting? Anyway, it would be nice to add something about the schematic being useless for the character. EDIT: Nevermind, haha, there already is!
  3. Agreed. I took my iron and steel pickaxe, both level 2, and made some calculations and a test. Although the damage output of the steel pickaxe is higher than the iron pickaxe (in my case, 3477 vs. 2838 per minute), due to the higher stamina drain of the former, they are equally effective (without sexual t-rex). In fact, in a test I made, I hacked through a concrete block in 63 seconds with the steel pickaxe, and it took pretty much the same, 66 seconds, with the iron counterpart! Indeed, even that was with luck: the steel pickaxe just barely destroyed the block with the last swing whereas the iron pickaxe left it 6 hp. If the steel pickaxe would have had to hit one more time, it would have been the same result. This is due to the character losing stamina really quickly with the steel pickaxe and hence slowing the process. I think it makes little sense to force people to take perks in sexual t-rex just to make the steel tools and weapons more effective. A steel pickaxe is not more effective than an iron one just because it is heavier and therefore needs more stamina to use but because of the material.
  4. I'm not the poster but I have the same problem and I agree with what they are saying, and you are missing one key element. I'm on day 21 with 120 minutes days and I STILL lack a steel pickaxe (so similar to 40 days normally). I'm not doing anything wrong: I'm looting as much as I can, but sometimes you cannot beat the RNG. Funnily enough, I just started a test game and looted a steel pickaxe in the third POI I entered on day 1. So, RNG. That's not the issue. Indeed, the opposite is: in my experience EVERY SINGLE steel tool and weapon is something I have LOOTED (and I have the others). I'm not even near to being able to CRAFT them, and if I were, I would not be able to craft them on the level I can loot them, and even if I could, I would not be able to craft more than one or maximum two of them. Let me explain. To make a 2nd level steel pickaxe, which I could make, you need 7 steel tool parts AND 15 forged steel. This latter part is important. Now I DO have 7 steel tool parts, although just barely (I've scrapped all three extra steel tools I've found.... RNG...), but I do NOT have 15 forged steel lying around. In fact, forged steel is ridiculously difficult to come by. Only once the trader had five of them for sale and I've scavenged maybe 15-20 more. Those I've used for other things. To CRAFT steel again I would either need to get super lucky and find a crucible (no such luck yet) OR I'd need to put a whopping 10 points to Intellect + 5 points to Advanced Engineering (that's 27 levels worth of points). So it really is highly unlikely that you get to forge a steel pickaxe before you loot one. There are other things too that required forged steel, so although I could have used all of it to get a steel pickaxe, I couldn't have gotten the other things then, such as important mods or a vault door to my base. Since you've looted yours (I gather from your text), you might think it is not that big of a hassle to craft one, until you try. It really is a looter game now.
  5. But it doesn't. The first point does not even unlock any recipes. The second point unlocks "decorative plants" and the third one the rest. For that you need level 5 fortitude.
  6. Although I mostly spoke about the end loot, I actually did take into account the loot along the way. It still is very little. For example, not a single firearm! In the hut next door there was an AK-47. Luck, of course, but still: you get maybe around 1-2 boxes/safes per floor, and you get more than that in a small house. One floor of Shotgun Messiah factory has ten times the zombies of a small house. But you are right about the experience: that was indeed helpful. As to later game stages, maybe you're right, I did it on day 7 (feeling cocky after the horde haha)
  7. I like A18 more than A17 thus far. Here are a few critical points though. SUMMARY: 1. Melee needs tweaking. 2. Too much firearm ammo vs. arrows, cf. also point 1. 3. Loot vs. hassle ratio of large vs. small POIs is completely off balance. 4. Farm plots cause a rotten meat shortage vs. plentiful fresh meat. 1. There has been a lot of discussion about melee, and I also think it needs tweaking. With the wonky animations and hitboxes combined with the zombie rage-mode, it may be much more of a thrill now to melee but it also gets you maimed pretty easily. I like the direction A18 is taking here but it needs balancing and tweaking. Melee is also made less of an option due to early access to guns and to huge amounts of ammo – which gets me to the second point: 2. There are too many bullets in the game, making not only melee less of a necessity but bows pretty much obsolete (whereas in A17 I would prefer bows to bullets way into the 50+ days, preserving firearm ammo for the horde and emergencies). Since feather collection has also been nerfed (I agree with this choice however), I find myself lacking arrows and having too many bullets. It used to be that the main reward for fighting with melee and arrows was that you did not waste bullets, and getting to self-sufficiency with ammo production was a major milestone in the game. Now I'm on day 15 and I have 1000 9mm ammo and 500 7.62 ammo. I think that's insane. Not only are bullets easily looted, the mining overhaul has made it child's play to make a thousand pieces of bullets early on. Although I already have insane amounts of bullets, I COULD have five times more if I wanted. Also since there is a smaller chance of waking up other zombies in A18, I can quite literally go in guns blazing and won't have to worry about waking everyone up. So my stealthy bow and arrow tactic is now dead. 3. I happened to move in next door to the Shotgun Messiah factory. I decided to go for the gold and loot it. The place was absolutely teeming with zombies compared to other places (it seems that unlike other POIs, here the zombie count has not been reduced). So it took me three (3!) days to loot the place, killing easily more than a hundred zombies and... I got almost nothing out of it! The big loot at the end gave me just some arrows and ammo in crates and some leather armour and what have you. Pissed, I raided a small cabin around the corner... six (6!) zombies and five minutes later I had better loot than I got in the Shotgun Messiah! The difficulty vs. loot balance is currently completely off. I think the WEAPONS FACTORY of all places has been the only POI where I spent more ammo than I looted. On the one hand I like it that even the smallest huts have great loot; on the other hand they now have about the same amount of great loot as the biggest and baddest POIs, minus the hassle. So now I'm just looting cabins and houses, and getting tired of it. I see absolutely no reason to loot the big places anymore, while in A17 it used to be the way to get awesome stuff and not just another set of cans and pipes. Please consider making big POIs worth it loot-wise! Since I can get dozens of great loot crates within minutes of game play by storming a row of small houses, a factory could easily have dozens of such crates at the end and not <10. It would not feel like an overkill after wading through the sea of zombies. (EDIT: It was days 7–9, I had two points in lucky looter, and lucky goggles. But anyway the point is not that I had bad loot in that big POI but the relationship between big and small POIs. Overall loot is great.) 4. I like the new farm plots, as it was too easy to farm your way into not having to worry about food and drink ever again. But now I find myself in the odd situation that I am happier about rotten than fresh meat! Since self-made food was nerfed with food poisoning chances, I prefer to eat canned food, so now on day 15 already I have almost a thousand pieces of meat that I don't use. Yet I have to go hunting for road kills and body bags to get rotten meat for my precious, precious farm plots. This should be rebalanced: no way a post-apocalyptic survivor is going to prefer rotten meat to real meat. Yet I do. A quick and dirty (and perfectly sensible) solution would be: make rotten meat craftable from fresh meat. It makes zero sense that I can't take my meat and let it rot. To keep farm plots precious, the rotten meat requirement could be higher. The issue is not the difficulty of obtaining farm plots but the ridiculous search for specifically rotten meat. Keep up the good work!
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