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Geek Gaming 17.4 Nitrogen 16K custom map - Starting Fresh TODAY!!!


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Server name: GEEK GAMING 17.4

Map size: 16K

More larger cities

More traders

Balanced but random map with slightly more smoothing

Extra ammo possible

Standard difficulty

PVE - No killing

Friendly Server

Discord: https://discord.gg/uu2xqc2

Extra Cars regularly placed appropriately throughout the world

Extra hidden Loot chests sprinkled throughout the world for you to find.

Custom Community traders open 24/7

Backed up every hour so any chunk can be restored

Admin monitored

Cheaters/hackers/rude players WILL be permanently banned



REQUIRED SPECS: MUST HAVE 16GB RAM (minimum) to download/play map from what our users have experienced.


Be aware: Due to the size of this map, initial download will take some time. Roughly 20-130 minute on initial download.

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Minor adjustments with more coming -


Difficulty dropped to level 2 temporarily and loot levels bumped to 150% until we reach day 50. Difficulty will be ramped up at that point.


Land Claim blocks - We now have 5 landclaim blocks available per player - This is primarily due to the size of the map allowing for multiple bases per user. You can make a massive base (Land Claim range set at 80).


Also, Land Claim now offers full protection when offline.


New custom trader bases (open 24/7) will be put it in different areas of the map.


Magazine expander will be undergoing some balance adjustments to be more accurate for amount of bullets each weapon can hold.

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