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Dual wield, Spear and Shield

Rory Pants

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I would love to see a dual wield option or even the inclusion of a shield to stun enemies when bashed or something.


Dual Pistols or Sawed off shotguns could be pimp AF... Imagine chasing someone with 2 battle axes and end up throwing both of them at the back of some poor souls head and watching it explode... haha


I got off track thinking of the possibilities here. (Full disclosure thoughts are not my own, weed was a factor)


Could modify this puppy bad boy shield with spikes or a light on the front. You can choose your weapon of destruction while wielding a shield.. Clearly someone needs to bring up the spartan in me and give us a "BAD ASS SPEAR" we can poke our friends with and hurl at little toxic ♥♥♥♥heads...


Give us treats to. We need something to spend all these points on and raise our level cap... :)


I'm done, let the hating begin. Haha!!

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I, myself, had been thinking an off-hand sheild would be an excellent addition to the game. So dual weilding capability would be a natural application for that.


Could do what Minecraft did and have a seperate hand slot for your off hand while your main hand holds whatever's selected in your inventory.


Though we could have two-handed weapons like a spear that are more powerful for melee but require the off hand to be empty to use.

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