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  1. I should clarify that I still say the player non-sprinting walking speed is too slow. Other than that, I'm good.
  2. I was thinking it could invlove some kinda minigame a lá and but not exactly the same. Maybe some kinda moving bar or something and you have to hit the green zone. And the locks can be random different levels of difficulty.
  3. It is kinda stupid it resets like that. I fully agree the lockpick timer should just start from where it left off.
  4. Consider my complaints pretty much dropped at this point. I was just a clueless n008 but you guys straightened me out.
  5. @Tahaan We're talking about a zombie apocalypse here. I don't think there would be trains just working and travelling around the place. Plus it and the tracks being indestructable has the potential to be quite inconvinient. They could spawn somewhere in the way of something you want to do. I get your point about my idea turning it into too much of a train management game. Perhaps my train idea should be scaled down a bit to something more hastily cobbled together if it's still to be implimented at all. Maybe something kinda similar to minecarts in Minecraft only they're pulled along by a po
  6. Saw a few people suggesting the ability to attatch turrets on the sides and underneath blocks. I have to 100% agree with them. Be a great way to add more turrets to a kill corridor. Another suggestion I saw is steel bars and yeah, why the heck do wooden / iron bars not go up to steel? It would make total sense.
  7. Yeah I had a feeling it's supposed to be the player character evacuating their digestive system one way or another. I don't have a lot of good food to eat in my game at the moment. I suicide to save food resources.
  8. I did have a look in the description of iron gut before posting this and I'm sure I didn't see anything about food poisoning. Maybe I didn't look at it properly. I'll have to have another read next time I play. I am such a n008, I had no idea vitamins protect against food poisoning. Woulda saved me having to suicide with broken glass every time food poisoning messed me up if I knew that. Walking speed doesn't have to be that much quicker. It just looks unnaturally slow to me right now. Okay I admit I haven't seen much of the proper bike and the car driving around and I haven't un
  9. I'm currently on Alpha 18.3 and here's a couple of things I've noticed about the game that I feel the need to complain about. First and foremost...food poisoning...any time I get food poisoning in my game it instantly drains my hunger bar down to starving levels, draining my max stamina to only around 30 points. Is that a bug or something? Is anyone else getting that? Coz the wiki (which I think is not fully up to date, by the way) says it's supposed to only drain 10 points a second for a few seconds. But if the way it's working in my game now is an actual feature TFP implimented recently,
  10. I think I mentioned / agreed to somewhere else in this forum the idea of scythes and rideable lawnmowers so the player can cut large areas of grass if they so wish. The scythe could also trip zombies and have a chance to cut off their legs, and obviously if you ran them over with the rideable lawnmower they'd get chopped up by the blades. Another thing I think I mentioned / agreed to is the idea of having animal pens so you can keep and farm animals much more easily. If you manage to keep chickens they should occasionally drop eggs for you.
  11. +1 Maybe you have to craft some kinda ceiling attatchment doohicky for it. How about on the sides of blocks as well, if that's not a thing already?
  12. Could be good for while you're waiting for stuff that takes a while to craft / smelt.
  13. They added the proper machine gun after I started this thread. So just ignore that.
  14. I do wonder what the high demand list would look like if they updated it now. Does anybody know if anything other than what's already listed is being requested a lot?
  15. Maybe some triggerable traps that drop furniture on top of them
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