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  1. I do wonder what the high demand list would look like if they updated it now. Does anybody know if anything other than what's already listed is being requested a lot?
  2. Add me to the pile of fans who support these features being added to the game in due course of time, but allow me to expand on a couple for ya. Fishing - To go with a fishing mechanic, boats of various types to float over bodies of water, plus a good reason to use boats; hostile swimming mobs such as zombie piranhas and sharks and yes, waterlogged zombies. Tools to better harvest grass - A scythe would be perfect for something easy-ish to craft in early-ish game, and then later you can construct a weed whacker and maybe even a fully motorised lawnmower.
  3. Does anyone know how much the kickstarter has raised so far? Just curious.
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