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Compressed Items (A17) Version 3.1 new items + fixes


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Hello Guys!


I fixed my mod, and I just added a few items to the game!


The new items are:










Remember, these fuels can just only used in the auger, and the chainsaw!


(repair items):




Chain ingredient: Chainlink

Augerblade ingredients:Screws,Ironrod,blades




-You can now melt raw iron in the forge. and sorry for mess up your game.


You can download the mod at this link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/78b28gqg2gy1wz7/Venom%27s_Compressed_Items_3.0.rar/file

You have to copy the link, and paste it in to a new tab.


You can install this mod to: steam/steamapps/common/7daystodie/Mods


I hope the game got better with this mod.


This mod also compatible with A17.2 and A17.3


I really hope you like my mod.


Have Fun!

I had to upload to a differen site, because I don't want you to download 4 files. and I don't have more space in my "Cloud"


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