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Is it Possible?


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Hello Everyone,


I'm 40+ days (120+ real hours) in to a RWG game, tons of hard work and lots of progress. When i created the RWG the maps suffered from many issues that have been fixed. Radio Tower Towns, Water Tower Towns and roads that even most San Franciscans would fear.


I would like to know, is it possible to transplant one or two regions from my current map to a new RWG created with the same seeds? I understand that POI's may not end up in the same locations. Is is possible edit/hack the coordinates so that my region will over lay the POI I've made home?


Advancing the clock should not be an issue via the console and i think the player data will transfer over just fine.


Any thoughts on how to get started, any special editing tools i may need to acquire? Server is on Ubuntu 16 but my gaming PC runs Ubuntu 18.


Thank you



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