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  1. Try this tho, works perfectly. Its possible to intergrate this as the "core" of your base or something seperate
  2. Use your stone shovel to dig up clay, not 3 year old posts
  3. Bedrock is something that can be mined in the game. All tho not mend to be but still possible. I am wondering how someone can spawn that in while the option is normally disabled.
  4. Roland, wouldn't it be better to publish a 7 Days to Die 2 for console and let Telltale keep the rights for 7 Days to Die? I don't mind spending a few euro's on a new version if it means that it's made with the right hands and supplied with updates and new content.
  5. Well that escalator's quickly I hope that you will get the rights back from telltale. Best of luck guys
  6. Is it possible to update the first post when more news comes?
  7. The seed I play is awesome, I have my base in between two traders (450meters approx). It has two hub towns My seed is BilnaadMixer3000
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