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✔️The Official Dutch Players Overhaul Modpack - Verified Download📥


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non-SDX Overhaul Modlets Pack(REQUIRED):

Download Overhaul ��(1.8GB)


This is the official PVE with PVP zones server of Dutch Players! We only use MODLETS!






Some changes we've added

✔️ Overhaul light system.

��New lights added and the old ones are craftable now and using electricity.

✔️ More than 25 driveable vehicles

✔️ More than 100 new decorative blocks. From a nice couch or an awesome chair to flags.

��Excluding the standard decorative game locks, those are also new craftable, but not calculated as new decoration.

✔️ New doors and windows in different sizes. Including the working jail door.

✔️ New trees, plants, and other natural decoration. Including some great new biome effects.

✔️ Food like in RL. Plenty of new ingredients are added to create delicious recipes. Including new areas to make them like a barbeque, grill, oven, microwave and other tools. Almost all new ingredients are growable, so lets go find the seeds!

✔️ More than 150 new weapons are added with custom ammo! Including some great melee weapons like swords.

✔️ More than 300 custom zombies are added.

✔️ Some animals are pets :)

✔️ New electric switches with invisible wires. Ideal for room lights!

And a lot more things.






How to install the mods

✔️ You can easy download the latest Overhaulpack from MEGA. Do not open the link in Microsoft Edge, it will block a huge download like this. Use Chrome or Firefox instead.

✔️ When downloaded the mods, extract all folders inside it to your desktop.

✔️ Move all the extracted files to your 7 Days to Die root folder.

��example: C://Users/Dieter/Program Files (86x)/Steam/Steamapp/Common/7 Days to Die

✔️ !! Replace all files! Create a back-up from old files before. !!

✔️ That's it. Start your game and join [DP]







️ At least 10GB RAM. Recommend is 16GB RAM.

️ An SSD

️ EAC enabled






Server Settings

✔️ PVE in North, East and West. PVP in South.

✔️ Zombie Movement

Daytime, normal zombies: Walk

Nighttime, normal zombies: Run

Feral Zombies: Sprint

Blood Moon: Sprint

✔️ Loot Abundance: 200

✔️ Loot Respawn Days : 14

✔️ Damage AI do to blocks in %: 100

✔️ Damage AI does to blocks during blood moons in %: 200

✔️ Zombie Difficulty: Feral






Connect with the server

:smile-new:Direct connect

:cocksure:IP: PORT: 41301






We have a Dutch community active on Discord! Join our Dutch Discord Server.

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