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17windy's cartoon fantasy weapons pack


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Ver. 1.4 has comed!

This mod is made for peoples who like these styles : )

It adds some cartoon fantasy weapons,

contains 5 two hands sword,3 two hands axes, 6 one hand weapons and 4 throw toys.

All of them can be looted.

These weapons are balanced and each of them is special.

Enjoy it!


04-22-2019 UPDATE

Spike now can be fixed

Add 3 ability to 3 weapons


04-16-2019 UPDATE

Add 4 spike-blocks, made with Forged iron or Throw toys.

Add 3 ranged weapons use Vanilla model.

Weapons balance.


03-28-2019 UPDATE

Ver 1.05 Enchantment FX add

Add some FX for several weapons.

Small balance for several weapons.


Download url:

Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/301/

GitHub https://github.com/17windy/17windy-s-cartoon-fantasy-weapon-pack

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