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Server Wipe! Friendly players wanted! Kiss of Death|PVE|16K Map|03-01-2019|PVE|Phoeni


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Server Name: Kiss of Death|PVE|16K Map|03-01-2019|Phoenix125.com

Server IP/Port:


Last Wipe: 03/01/19


RULES: Have fun, be kind, and get some sleep once-in-a-while (or drink lots of coffee & energy drinks).


Come join us on a new friendly (almost) vanilla server:

- Check out a 16K size random world gen map!

- No server wipes (unless ALL active players agree to it)

- Server is backed up every 6 hours.

- Friendly 40+ admin who does NOT use abuse his powers AT ALL... (that would ruin the fun).

I use a separate account for admin use.

- Server checks for updates every 15 minutes via 7dtdServerUtility and announces restarts on Discord.

- Restarts daily at 4am Eastern Time.

- Hosted in Michigan, USA. Everyone worldwide welcome.


Server Name: Kiss of Death|USA|10K Map|Vanilla|by Phoenix125.com| b240

Server IP/Port:

Steam Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/

Max Players: 30

Altered Server Settings: Land Claim Duration: 30 days, Horde night zombies per player: 16, 7 day loot respawn, air drop markers

Cars & Boulder respawning every 10 days real time, Craftable "WeedWacker" & "Solar Panels/cells"

PVE: No killing of any players... zombies are enough


Website: http://www.phoenix125.com/

Discord: http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs

Forum: http://phoenix125.createaforum.com/index.php

BattleMetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/7dtd/2986299

7dtdServerUtility: http://www.phoenix125.com/7dtdServerUtil.html


Server features:

- i7 8700K 3.7 GHz, 32GB 3200 MHz RAM, NVMe SSD for OS, M.2 SATA for games, Liquid cooled

- On battery backup and standy generator

- Hosted on a business internet provider account with static IP for reliability

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