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  1. Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.2 New In-Game Message features! - Added: In-Game Message: Custom Chat Reponses. - Added: In-Game Message: Customizable Player Join Message. - Added: In-Game Message: Customizable Daily Message sent at definable hour. - Added: Blood Moon message day offset. Used when blood moon day gets out of sync. - Fixed: Messages sent from util did not show in Discord. - Added: Customizable number of telnet retry attempts DOWNLOAD LINKS Direct: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/7dtdServerUpdateUtility.zip GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/7d
  2. Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.1 Game Save Bug Fix & Minor Discord Bug Fixes - Added: Option to disable watchdog. Useful if using 7DTD RAT to manage server. - Fixed: Backups were not saving saved folder if left at default (the AppData folder). - Fixed: Improved Telnet response window and log file. - Fixed: Log file now substitutes new line with | - Fixed: Discord: No longer repeats "No Online Player" message when server or util is restarted. - Fixed: Discord: ServerTools messages now remove the color code ie.[FFCC00]
  3. Thanks for the feedback @SEDATIVE. I've never had heard of the issue of not bringing server online when "online player window" is closed. I'll look into it! In early versions, the util used a command line Discord utility to send messages which did not support European characters. I've since updated it, so I'll experiment and see if I can remove European characters from its filter. An automatic startup shortcut is a great idea! I have it in my Atlas util. Thank you!
  4. Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.9 Bug Fixes and New Discord Features - Discord: Announce New Day and Horde Day. Uses BloodMoonFrequency now instead of 7 day hordes. - Discord: Added emotes to announcements. - Fixed: Batch files - Fixed: Several bug fixes. @arramus Thanks for the report. The words format correctly on my systems, so it's likely a regional font issue. I'll tweak the spacing in next release to hopefully allow enough room for font variations. If preferred, all settings from the GUI can be manually adjusted by modifying the 7dtdServerUpdateUtility.ini file
  5. Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.5 Fixed Error when Steam branch does not exist - Fixed: Line 20431 Error when using Steam branch does not exist (Thanks to @arramus & @Majesticwalker#3214 for reporting) - Fixed: Discord: Change default Online Player message: Add spaces between "Next Horde: x days" and "Player left/joined" (Thanks to @ ًًً\ 𝓞𝓱𝓨𝓪 / for reporting) - Fixed: "Online Player submessage ( \o )" changed to "Online Player Sub-Message ( \a )" in Config window.
  6. Kiss of Death|2xXP|PVE|8K Map|8-19-20|Phoenix125.com|Alpha 19 steam://connect/px125.com:26900 | Online Map: http://px125.com:28082 Come join us on a friendly server - Building in POIs/cities is OK - No Mods to install! - No server wipes unless forced update or majority vote. - QOL mods: Map (Alloc's) | Server Tools | Food/Thirst bars | 3 Slot forge | Solar Bank/Cell, Weedwacker, Steel Ammo, Log Spikes recipes | Cars respawn weekly (real time) | Increased zombie loot drop | XP to next level bar - Discord.gg/EU7pzPs: Player chat/join/leave/game time - 8K Random Gen map for
  7. Hello! Due to The Fun Pimps removing the experimental branch (A19 is now stable... yay!), my util is crashing. I will fix it ASAP, but in the meantime, change the branch to public and it should work fine. My apologies!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Everything you address will help others! Unfortunately, I've been running it for almost a week and my 4 servers do not experience that issue (of course, or I'd have fixed it!). The KeepAlive Watchdog uses three methods to detect server running: Process ID, Telnet response, and Query port response. In your case, the Query port response was causing it to restart. Disable that feature for now or try your local machine's IP. Also, although not likely, your firewall may be blocking the Query port. I'll do more experimenting to see if I can repli
  9. Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.4 Added Restart options window, added separate Global chat to Discord, other minor improvements The easiest way to update is to click the tray icon and select "Check for Util Update". @arramus • Thank you for your valuable feedback, but unfortunately, I was unable to find an error near Line 20431. No variable was referenced on or near that line. I checked v2.5.1, v2.5.2, v2.5.3. By chance, did you type the wrong line #? • As for the mod folder getting renamed, that should have only occurred if your server crashed three times in a row. It's part o
  10. @arramus Thank you much for the feedback. I've been working on a couple minor improvements for next release: - Having separate Discord webhook options for in-game chat: Global (for public Discord) and all (for admin, if desired). - Have option to announce manual shutdown with or without countdown timer to Discord/in-game. I will also address the things you pointed out. I plan to release this update within 24 hours. Eventually I'll add an optional GUI interface with more functionality. I've learned a lot of tricks since I started this tool... now I just need time to im
  11. @SMiThaYe Thanks for sharing your tip! All my programs written in AutoIT get flagged by Microsoft Security. I submit them to Microsoft, but it takes up to 30 days for people's antivirus definitions to update. Interesting that Malwarebytes is OK with the Github link, though.
  12. 7dtdMapFileAnalyzer v1.3 (2020-08-06) by Phoenix125 | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs A Utility to analyze and compare the number of POIs in your map(s). FEATURES - Fully customizable POI type and search parameters. - Scans your folder recursively! Point it to your 7dtd map directory and it automatically scans all files recursively. - Creates two files: 1. A .txt file for each map for quick easy analysis 2. A .csv file containing all map(s) for importing into your favorite Office program. - Automatically adds each map scan to the .csv file for direct
  13. 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.3 (2020-12-24) by Phoenix125 | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs - Works with other managers. New! v2.6.1: Optionally disable watchdog for 7DTD RAT compatibility. Use this util for easy Discord announcements. - Easy to use and set up. - Discord: Send server status, in-game chat messages, players join or leave, game time, daily and horde day announcements. - Backups. Partial and full server. - Config window. - Keeps server updated and running. - Easily downloads, installs, and set up a new 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server. - Send telnet & chat messages wit
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