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Suggested features and fixes for 7days (RWG, World Editor, Prefabs etc).


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Thank you very much to the developers of 7 days to die.

The game has been incredibly fun for my friends and I. We love it!

The suggestions below are given in hopes that some of the suggestions may be of use to the 7days developer team.




  • An option to determine the % of the world generated as each biome type would be nice.
  • An option for server administrators to refresh a RWG world, resetting all areas which are outside protected land claim blocks, while keeping all player data intact.
  • An option for server administrators to randomly replace all Prefabs/POIs in the world (non-live server) while keeping the world structure intact, as well as existing player data (optional). This will allow admins to keep the game fun without regenerating a full new world.


World Editor:


  • The current world editor is great and has plenty of potential. It would be awesome if there is a control "corner" present at the edge/edges of each Prefab which becomes visible once "Show Dynamic Prefabs" has been turned on. The control corner could have the name of the Prefab floating above it, like how player names are displayed in multiplayer. Additional potential features for these control corners which I would like to propose are:
    • An option to move the Prefab up/down.
    • An option to rotate the Prefab (45 or 90 degree rotations).
    • An option to pick up the Prefab as an "item" which the player can pick up and move around (with a preview of the Prefab boundaries). This Prefab item can potentially be stored and deployed elsewhere. For deployment, the player height is used as the "ground level", which can then be adjusted using the up/down option above.
    • An option to delete the Prefab.
    • An option to save the Prefab (Overwrite or save as a new Prefab).
    • An option to duplicate the Prefab (as a usable item).


    [*]In addition to the above set of suggestions: being able to add/insert in Prefabs by treating them as an item would make it easier to visualize and adjust the Prefab's positions.

    [*]It would be great if some sort of a tool was added to allow smooth manipulation of the terrains and roads.


These world editor changes are proposed in hopes of making it easier for players and server owners to make changes to RWG worlds.




  • Some player made Prefabs are incredibly well done and beautiful. It would be great if the 7days devs would consider submissions of player made Prefabs as potential permanent additions to the game, especially for RWG (I could've missed the section/thread if it's already there?).


Graphics related:


  • The "OptionsFieldOfViewNew" option has been missing from the game's registry settings.
    Many players, at least among my friends (particularly the ladies), find the game headache and nausea inducing at the default "Field of View" of 65 and need a minimum FOV of 80 to play for any duration in-game, especially indoors. The game refuses to save any changes to "OptionsFieldOfViewNew" due to a missing registry entry?
    If increasing the FOV can lead to potential exploits, why not add a server option for admins to limit client FOVs as a temporary workaround?
  • Changes to the "OptionsFieldOfView" option do get saved. Unfortunately it does not seem to affect the client's actual FOV.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\OptionsFieldOfView_h1003984851


In-game Item:

It would be nice to have a power relay block which looks like a box (paint-able on all sides), with an open-able side hiding a relay inside. This would allow players to design nice looking bases without visible cable clutter.


Thanks and keep up the awesome work! :)

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