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More Game Settings (Radiated Zombies / Trap Houses / Sleeper Count)


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Simple idea practically described in whole by the title.


Add 3 new pre-game settings.


1 - Radiated Zombies. (Default, No Sleepers, None)


I'll say it. I don't like fighting radiated zombies while looting a normal house.


2 - Trap Houses aka houses with trap floors / zombies in the entertainment stands. (Default, Less, None)


"Yo, Robert! You know what would be HELLA funny? Since we were bitten, we should hide in our entertainment stand for when we turn so we can scare the heck outta the people that try to loot our house."

And falling into the basement and getting surrounded by 20 zombies is annoying. Especially when you run upstairs to another room full of zombies and a blockade keeping you with 'em.


3 - Sleeper count. (Default, Less, Least)


I'm not 100% certain if this is Trap Houses only, but I've noticed a lot more sleepers in each POI. A normal 2 story house with maybe 3 bedrooms would have at least 10 zombies in it. Last I counted 3 bedrooms = 3 people. 6 max if it's a couple in each room.

I'm also not certain if the sleeper count is controlled by difficulty, but it shouldn't if it does. Should only control zombie health / damage.

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1. When you play a game with a varied difficulty do you stop playing when the tougher enemies start coming or do you pimp up your character with better stats (if you raise levels), with better weapons (if you can fight) or with better skills to avoid/fight them? If you feel it's too tough now, try avoiding them for a few levels and invest into fighting skills.


2. Seen somewhere there's a helluva lot of dungeon POIs. At some you simply get used to it, as it's something new for the time being.


3. I would prefer sleeper respawn counter to be modifiable. Taking into account that the houses were not simply a home. If they only stayed inside or hid after running away sure, there would be a small group in. But consider a situation where a family lived there and a number of other zombies came in and changed them. In this scenario you have a family of 6 with additional Zs.

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I've got around 1k hours in this game. Been playing since A11.6. These are suggested changes to Game Settings as well. Meaning you don't have to implement them if it's not your playstyle. For people who want a more realistic experience without having to mod the XMLs or find someone else's modded XMLs.


In reply to Khulkhuum


1. No weapon is strong enough to make up for houses with radiated sleepers imo. Especially with how early in the game they start spawning and with how you have to manage your Skill Points. You can spec into fighting, sure, but then would you have even a bicycle yet? Or the ability to make iron tools?


2. It is a change, but a bad one if you ask me. The devs didn't think of the phrase 'Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.".


3. I agree with you there that maybe the house was overrun and now it's infested, but the doors and windows are still locked and boarded. Can't apply the same for after the first looting. Realistically a roaming horde could have wandered in and set up shop, but that's too complicated to code. Or not, maybe a parameter for "days since last entry" and apply it to a multiplier with sleeper spots. Might also be able to be applied to loot quantity / quality.

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1. Seen someone comment about it. Personally never came close to such levels of proficiency, so i can't confirm. On the other hand, even at the beginning you can invest 2 points into Sneak Attack and one-shot sleepers in the head with a bow. Higher accuracy paired with Sneak Attack and Boom!Headshot increases even more the damage, though ferals and rads have mutliple the HP than regulars so i'm sure it's tougher to attain that, especially with tougher Zs.


2. I prefer myself to have more regular buildings to loot. Played Nav at the start of A17 and was around a city east of the farm in the forest in the center. It's basically all dungeon POIs... As much as i like Nav, it was too much.


3. I am a firm believer for a mechanic of clearing POIs. Basically if you clear a POI, it should be cleared. There are wandering hordes and singular Zs wandering all around the regions, which could constitute into zombie population.


Additionaly (most likely not gonna see that in this game), i would love to have zombie counts for all POIs and chunks, where the numbers shift between when you're not around (obviously sleepers only when awoken and only when they are not rendered as enemies), increasing counts if you run from visible zombies (when they disappear) and decreasing counts when you approach a chunk and they load in. Something like that...

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