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How get better stuff


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What do you mean exactly?

Do you get the wrong items? That's bad luck; try again or do something with your karma ;(

Do you get low quality items? There's a skill called 'Quality Joe'. This skill helps you to get better quality on found items (again there's a portion of luck in it).

Still not happy? Go to a trader. He gets every couple of days new stuff (3 days i think). Sometimes (again luck) he's got something useful...

Money problems? Slaughter zombies: Bones to duct tape and rotten flesh to fertilizer!

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No more less when I do you know scavenge for stuff like I go through the houses and stuff I don’t get any good stuff I get cans I get empty bottles I don’t get aAny good stuff at edges been wanting seven days a dying with some people that played on the consul and is just a little heartbreaking that they’re finding all these cooler stuff and I came to find half the stuff that I need yeah my looting is a good and everything else is just I can’t find more wht i need

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I suggest using the quality joe perk. Also certain containers have certain rare items. For instance my friends use to pass up toilets. Until one day I found a high level pistol stashed in a toilet. Also make sure to empty any containers so they refill in the future. But honestly it just depends what you want.


Augers and chainsaws are usually at the hardware store.

Guns/ parts are usually at shotgun messiah.

Schematics are usually at the book store.

The hospital has tons of medical gear.

If you have big balls and want landmines/ weapons go to the military base.

If you want decent random gear go to the desert and look around for random backpacks lying around.

And most importantly. If you cant find it or make it, you can always buy it

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