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Ideas for new zombies


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Good evening.


Most of these are to spawn only in the blood moon, and at medium to late gamestage. Many came to mind thinking of medieval siege warfare. They would definitely force players to double prepare for horde night.




Siege Zombie: an obese firefighter zombie. (S)He'll take position some 30 meters away from the player's base, will emit a thunderous growl and its legs will succumb, making it static. The zombie will then proceed to tear out green tumours out of its belly and lob them at the player's defenses. Medium to long range weaponry needed to stop/kill the menace. It'll be in eye-catching red.


Notes: It would be interesting if there was some intelligence behind the Siege Zombie's attacks. Like, if he aimed its bombs somewhere that would benefit the horde the most, like in already damaged blocks, or in foundations, or in opening way for improvised stairs. This would be a defenseless enemy, but dangerous if left unattented. Because of its range, a player should be prepared to counter it with a Hunting Rifle or similar. Maybe the Siege Zombie could die after lobbing 5 tumours if it's too OP, I'm not sure.



Ram Zombie: a bulky, offensive tackle football player, with a green, tumourous arm. (S)He will approach the player's position, and produce a number of loud, awful grunts. Then, it'll violently sprint, arm first, into a wall, exploding in contact, causing tremendous damage. Dresses similar to the ZU zombies, but is big as a biker zombie and has the characteristic glowing arm.


Notes: another siege zombie, but up close and personal. The grunting phase should be long, and loud, enough for players to bring the beast down. Maybe, because of the name, the zombie could be dressed as a wrestling fighter.



Shieldback: a SWAT officer, with a shield forgotten attached to its back. (S)He would come tumbling slowly towards the player's base, clumsily hitting its head on the closest wall and it would succumb to the floor. However, it would become a solid block for fellow zombies to jump over, and possibly over defenses.


Notes: I was thinking of a ladder zombie but a zombie doesn't carry things, so that would be silly. Still, I think its simple function could worry people in early gamestage.



SWAT: a bulky officer, with a shield forgotten attached to its arm. A tank, made to attract gunfire.


Notes: it should be noted that the SWAT and the Shieldback shouldn't necessarily have bodyarmor just because they're SWAT, as that could make them OP.



Incubus/Sucubus: a frail, crawling zombie in pijamas. Agile like a Spider Zombie, its main goal is to find a breach in a player's safehouse. Once in, he'd crawl (or hop) up the ceiling and lay dormant, only to wake up and viciously pounce at the player at downtime (repairing blocks from the inside; interacting with food etc).


Notes: don't know if this sort of behavious is programmable, but this son of a bitch would deal its own sort of preocupation for defenders. also don't know the applicability of the Incubus in player made bases; I thought of this enemy thinking of my own bases, which are repurposed houses, with ample space from the floor to the ceiling.



Bile-dealer: a naked, barbarian-looking zombie. Upon settling some 20 meters away from the player, it would throw 2 (one for each hand) rotten, infected torsos of animals in the player's stronghold, and then would behave like a regular zombie. Upon hit, the biological projectice creates a horrible splash and affected players would have firearms in his item belt "locked" because of the viscous bile. Weapons must then be "cleaned" - something similar to repairing, but free. The bigger the weapon, the more time it takes to clean.


Notes: it came to mind that trebuchets sometimes threw dead animals inside enemy fortifications. This enemy motivates players to carry a pistol or low tech weapons as backup.



Smoker: a zombie in firefighter garb, carrying an oxygen tank on his back. Upon getting closer to the player's base, the tank on its back would (conveniently) release a thick smoke screen, masking his and other zombies' visual signature.


Notes: don't know how well the game handles smoke. Anyway, maybe a good counter to this would be to make the smokecloud flammable, burning all zombies inside if dealt with molotovs.



Tunneler: an obese construction worker. A zombie with an additional disease: pica ("an eating disorder that involves eating items that are not typically thought of as food and that do not contain significant nutritional value, such as hair, dirt, and paint chips"). This zombie will crazily dig, towards the player's safehouse, with both hands and with his hungry maw, only to come out in the smack center, opening a new venue of approach for the horde.


Notes: this is the most problematic idea. It's very hard to counter, as it was in real life. One must either join the digger in his tunnel and kill it, or intercept it with a counter tunnel. Both are unreasonably hard for players. Maybe if one could collapse the tunnel on top of the zombie by shooting at the ground above it there'd be a fighting chance.




Zombies driving vehicles would be amusing and open up a big host of ideas, but all of them would be silly to behold.




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