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Naming conventions and their exceptions


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I am aiming with this thread more of a pointing out how some little things can change in order for the game to look more professional (to some extent), but also some of the items be more consistent. In this initial post i will focus on plants, because they give me the biggest headache, especially as i noticed the names have changed over time and the naming really goes off into the wild blue yonder...


I will be pointing out all the plants, their harvested crops and seeds, with current names ingame and suggested names bolded (if no bolded present, then no suggestion needed). Some changes are subtle, whether others big, trying to get all plants, their crops and seeds to adhere to a single rule of naming (crops having their own names as an exception).


1. Aloe Vera Plant, Aloe Vera Leaf, Aloe Vera (Seed) -> Aloe Vera Seed

2. Blueberry Plant, Blueberries, Blueberry (Seed) -> Blueberry Seed

3. Chrysanthemum -> Chrysanthemum Plant, Chrysanthemum -> Chrysanthemum Flower, Chrysanthemum (Seed) -> Chrysanthemum Seed

4. Coffee Plant, Coffee Beans, Coffee (Seed) -> Coffee Seed

5. Corn Plant, Ear of Corn, Corn (Seed) -> Corn Seed

6. Cotton Plant, Cotton Plant -> Cotton, Cotton (Seed) -> Cotton Seed

7. Goldenrod Flower -> Goldenrod Plant, Goldenrod Flower, Goldenrod (Seed) -> Goldenrod Seed

8. Hop Plant, Hops Flower -> Hop Flower, Hop (Seed) -> Hop Seed

9. Mushrooms -> Mushroom Batch, Mushrooms, Mushroom Spores (Seed) -> Mushroom Spores

10. Potato Plant, Potato, Potato (Seed) -> Potato Seed

11. Snowberry Plant, Snowberry -> Snowberries, NONE

12. Yucca Plant, Yucca Fruit, Yucca (Seed) -> Yucca Seed


I'm open for discussion on what else requires some steady naming convention, but also comments on what this could change. In my opinion, maybe not much, but consistency is always welcome.

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