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[MOD HELPER] Fix for location and filename of output_log.txt


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Im not sure if this has been posted before or even if this is a problem for everyone (need confirmation?) but the location and filename for the output_log.txt was changed as part of A17 for modded games. I believe this is actually a change with latest version of Unity and not sure much a change by TFP.


The following batch file helps fix this problem and returns timestamped filenames saved within the game directory instead of in the PC users AppData folder.


The file itself is a simple batch file and can be edited in text editor so easy for anyone to check how it works if they are worried about it. To use just download the attached '7DaysToDie.txt,' file, rename it to '7DaysToDie.bat' and drop this file into the root of your game and double click this file to start your game.








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