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Bind explosion properties to player hand item


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What is the proper xml setup to get meleeHandPlayer to apply the same explosive effect we see repeatedly on items throughout the xmls?


<property name="Explosion.BlockDamage" value="10"/>

<property name="Explosion.EntityDamage" value="110"/>

<property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="1"/>

<property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="3"/>

<property name="Explosion.RadiusEntities" value="5"/>

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.stone" value="0.1"/>

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.metal" value="0.05"/>

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.earth" value="0"/>

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.wood" value="0.5"/>

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.water" value="0"/>

<property name="Explosion.BlastPower" value="150"/>


Seen above is pipebomb's explosive values. I was not successful in simply moving them into the meleeHandPlayer item. Would it be attainable via buff?



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