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Lost everything, please help


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I was using 7D2D Rat dedicated server host and tinkering with mods and then everything broke. I couldn't get the server backup.


So, I had to start completely over, but thought I could save our progress because I had plenty of server backups.


Well, I finally got the Rat server working (with the required mods) and restored the most recent backup....and I warped into a random location as if nothing is there.


One thing I wonder is I didn't have "persistent player profiles" checked before I joined. So, I logged off, checked the check box, restarted the server, and rejoined, but still nothing. Still randomly warped in at level 0, instead of our base location.


I feel sick. I don't want to disappoint my guys.


If anyone can think of something I'm doing wrong that can hopefully get my server back to normal, man, that would be amazing.

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