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  1. restack everything? what do you mean?
  2. Ok, I put all the mods back but that didn't seem to help. Is it of the opinion of the experts that, to put it in technical terms, the world is @%$#ed?
  3. Thanks for responding. I logged in and checked and I don't see any shadows. I went for a walk and never ran into anything that I couldn't see. The texture for the ground is missing as well. Here's a screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_eY6pTAoEcRAJCKVt-8sv3WUl5tz_woW/view?usp=sharing I was able to create a new world and flipped my RAT server manager to load the new world, and of course that worked just fine. I tried loading a new world from scratch and then loading a save to that, but that didn't seem to work. (though I'm not sure if I did that right). What logs are you needing? Here are some logs in the Dedicated Server folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hM0iJ6xDX5IpqfmxMq5jBOOeo834x4Qc/view?usp=sharing One thing I noticed is under the Navesgame/worldname/Region I see a lot of files that say "error_backup...._" So, that's probably not great, but I'm thinking unrelated. Given that building a new world under Navesgame works, this leads me to believe that everything else is working fine. Wondering if there's a way to repair the old world. But not sure how to do that.
  4. I'm running A19 and I've been messing around with mods and now all my trees are gone. I've tried removing all the mods and restarting the server but didn't work. I've also tried deleting the Dedicated Server folder and redownloading it and that didn't work either. I'm running the RAT Server Manager, which has worked for me in the past. And it DOES still work, but every time I load my game, no trees! Any ideas out there?
  5. I tried it with A19 and it just locked up in the menu. So I had to uninstall 7 Days and then reinstall, so, that fixed that problem. But man, I really want this to work with A19. I know it's a lot of work to work on these mods, I'm guessing the developer is busy. Does anyone have any simply idea to get this to work with A19?
  6. Ah, ok. So, if I have the clients download the mods, it should work then?
  7. I'm running 17.1 stable and can't seem to get the mods working. I pulled the mod folders from the download to the Mods folder, doesn't seem to be loading the mods for me. Also, do I need to use ALL the mods to have them all work? I think my users for my dedicated server like the permanent torches, so I don't want to tear those away from them.
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