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I find the game to be most balanced with the default settings. The only problem is pretty much all the popular servers alter these values with more exp, loot, skill points, loot respawn rate etc. When they do these settings, it makes doing quests and other aspects of the game not needed.


Please consider hosting a server with the default game settings!


Unrelated comments concerns:

-In RWG, it seems the trader spawn rate is too low, and certain POIs like the water plant are too high. It is not uncommon to see 2 or even 3 of water plants in close proximity.


-Gyrocopter button to descend not working with controller


-Have a setting or the ability to cancel auto reload weapons. This makes crossbow/hunting rifleblunderbuss very risky to use in close quarters


-Move speed / run perk in agility tree would make sense


-Strength tree is most unattractive of all trees. You can have all the ammo you want and never really need to rely on melee. I only splash points for carry weight, the only time I would consider leveling this first would be with .25% loot.


-Fortitude tree is mostly useful just for the hp gain. The only perks that are attractive are the hp regen and damage stun resistance. Many of the perks are downright terrible and pointless after you hit level 10.


-Pvp can be brutal to lose everything, and pointless when its bag only. Maybe something in between would be a setting where a random item(s) (# can be set, maybe 5 for example) drop on death that others could pick up, the dead player would still have to recover their bag to get the locked items. Yes this would encourage bag camping but I am just brainstorming here.

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I love the str tree. I use melee mostly because ammo is so costly. I can bludgeon zombies to death while using spikes to slow them easily.


Cost is not the problem with ammo, its availability at Traders. If you know of 3+ traders, it isn't a problem. If you do not have a surplus of Dukes, you are playing suboptimally. Try maxing daring adventurer and bartering, do quests and choose items of highest sell value, and spam out quests. You will be able to buy all the ammo you could ever want.

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