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Genesis Gaming Online PVP/PVP


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Looking for MATURE survivors to join our community! (PLEASE 18 AND OLDER)




Our 7 Days to Die server is a combination of PVE and PVP with specified zones. Don't worry, we have a punishment system in place that is THE definition of "eye for an eye" if you're hunted in the PVE zone.



Active Admins

Female owned and operated

Couples and female friendly

Admins are extremely neutral

Friendly and mature player base

Active discord and admin support


Come join us and prepare to survive...or die; which ever you prefer!


[[[[[ GGO DISCORD ]]]]]





[[[[[ ONLINE MAP ]]]]]


[[[[[ WEBSITE ]]]]]



[[[[[ SERVER NAME ]]]]]

GGO 7D2D Survival

IP Address:

Server setting: PVE & PVP



Server mode: Survival

Van. Settings: Off

Van. Files: Off

Reqs. Mod: Off

Difficulty: Nomad

24 Hr Cycle: 40 mins

Daylight Length: 16

Zombie Day: Walk

Zombie Night: Jog

Zombie Feral: Jog

Zombie Blood Moon: Sprint

Max Zombies: 60

Max Animals: 60

Block Durability: 100%

Loot Abundance: 150%

Loot Respawn: 7 Days

Drop on Death: Backpack Only

Drop on Quit: Nothing

Blood Moon Count: 8 Enemies

Enemy Spawning: On

Air Drops: Every 3 Days

Cheat Mode: Off

Mark Air Drops: On

Player Killing: Kill Everyone

Claim Size: 50 Blocks

Claim Deadzone: 30 Blocks

Claim Duration: 3 Days

Claim Decay Mode: Slow

Claim Health Online: 4X

Claim Health Offline: 4X

Party Shared Kill Range: 100 M

Show Friends on Map: On


[[[[[ QUICK RULES ]]]]]

1. No racist or sexual comments

2. No PVP in PVE zones (there is an in-game punishment if you do)

3. No gravity mining

4. No looting of bases PVE zones

6. No looting of player bags in PVE zones

6. No blocking of traders

7. No building in close proximity of traders

8. No more than 25 trees in a tree farm

9. No more than 40 open (placed) frames

10. No glitching or duplicating

11. No advertising of other 7 Days to Die servers

12. Exploiting will result in a ban


We are running CSMM along with CPM to automate some of the annoying things admin mess up.


In place is a custom economy that has the best prices in around when you need to buy something in a pinch. The economy is supported through zombie kills, player kills, game time and Discord posts.


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Hey ArenaSky - What is the current world age of this server? When do you plan the next wipe? I am looking for a multiplayer place to call home that is both PVE and PVP. Your advert seems to fit the bill. Thanks in advance.


We are not planning on wiping. Server is about 2-3 months old! Come and join the fam! Be sure to join our discord for updates on the server! <3


BUMP! <3

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