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  1. Hey all! I haven't been on this board in a long while and wanted to pop in and ask a question. I have been playing 7DtD since about alpha 8 or so and there has been a persistent issue that I wonder if a fix has been suggested. While playing, the game freezes for like a half a second and then catches up. Seems it has something to do with the screen drawing as you look around the gameworld. I have a pretty good graphics card (can't remember the exact specs at this time) but this issue has been happening through two different upgraded graphics cards. Anyone have any thoughts on what settings I can add/take off to stop this from happening? Thank in advance! E
  2. EVE Online does this very well by allowing the attackers to take down the defenses of a base (A huge investment in time and manpower to begin with) then towers will go into a state of invulnerability for a defined length of time in hours. At the most, a 24 or so hour period (if they are full of strontium.) This mechanism works very well in that the attacker never knows how long they will have to wait after the initial attack, and the defender has a known amount of time to rally forces or attempt to move assets before their base is laid to waste. From my experiences, EVE Online is a game with Base/empire building, but also a very robust PVP aspect.
  3. All these are great posts, but honestly, until the game can reward community building and territory gain over just 'the kill', then all the other posts here are just band aids. I like what Hal suggested above. I also like the slapping and slaying mechanism that was suggested for higher level players that. I have played on servers that give a 100% invulnerable base and ones that give nothing. Both are fun if you put your mind in the right perspective. One is a base building, alpha tribe all out war situation, where the other is a stealth like small hidden base, dispersed inventory situation. Both are very fun if you can get your mind around each style. Thanks Gazz for starting this thread. It has been sorely missing from TFP and you are now one of them.
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