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Masonry trader missions


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Reading somebody's comment over at r/7daystodie about how this guy would build trade routes between traders for more efficiently delivering their quests, I got this idea:


Traders would command you to building an x sort of building in a y location, because - and here is the tricky part of this idea - NPC refugees would move in there to live.


An example: 3 survivors are to arrive at this location. You must go there and build a 5x5 lodge (or something with at least 25 titles; a 7x4 longhouse, whatever), with a fireplace, 3 sleeping rolls and 3 chests. Upon returning to the trader, you'd be handed your reward.


To me the NPC bit is important (as it is troublesome) because it would bring a tangible need for the task itself; much like quests in a fully formed RPG, if something needs to be done, it is related to someone's needs*. Building a house just because the trader is asking you to is shallow, that's why I envision this with NPCs.


Or maybe, the mission would entail you building a lodge somewhere and staying there, in watch duty. That wouldn't need NPCs, but it would make a quests a commitment of even more ingame days.


*This idea of founding NPC communities brings another, big, suggestion to mind, but that's for another time =)

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