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Perks and attributes overhaul


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1.Make melee combat perks consistent with range ones:


-two main melee perks: slashing weapons and crushing weapons.

-remove flurry of blows

-slashing/crushing weapons get three passive bonuses: melee speed bonus, critical damage % and power attack damage increase ( scaling with perk level )

-slashing weapons get higher melee speed bonus but lover power attack damage increase

-crushing weapons get lower melee speed bonus but higher power attack damage increase


2.Every combat perk have passive bonuses and active ability


We keep the passive bouses like reload time,aiming time but we add active ability.How would it work?

Lets add something we would call focus for now, it would go from 0 to 10 ( doesn't have to be 10), everytime you hit a zombie with melee or range it would increase focus by 1 (it would be less then 1 for automatic weapons for balancing issues). Ones it goes to 10 you would get buff icon signalizing active ability is ready. After activation it would go back to 0.Every weapon group would have different active ability to make it feel more uniqe.Few examples of active abilities:


-crushing weapons would do AoE damage with its power attack for x seconds after activation ( damage and number of zombies affected would scale with perk level )

-shotgun messiah would activate ragdoll mode for x seconds, sending zombies few metters back.

-pistols could land 100% critical shots for x seconds


Main idea is to make this player choice, it would add a bit of planning to combat.Most of the abilities now look like .. after x shots next shot gets 10% bonus. In the heat of the battle it doesnt engage me in any way,im not counting shots but with activated ability the situation would change.


3) Make commando adrenaline ( every shot gives you stamina) perk on its own and give automatice weapons different activated ability. It would be great perk for hybrid builds or support for melee build wthout being tied to automatic weapons.


5) Light/Heavy Armor - remove durability bonus its just meh. You could ad small mobility reduction ( 15-20% at level 5 )


6) Add Charisma attribute


Move all influence perks ( better barter,daring adventurer,charismatic nautre) to charisma attribute. Intellect got to many valuable perks. Add few more co-op/multiplayer perks in this category , here are two examples:


-Hold the line - in x meter radius blocks would get some damage resistance scaled with number of other players and level of perk ( pretty much reverse zombie mechanic where they jump on one block and melt it like butter )

-Loggistics expert - party members have highly incresed chance to find ammo in killed zombies (tougher the zombie higher the chance)


Main reason of charisma would be to create support character for mulitplayer, but perks should have some use in SP game too so it would need some thought.

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