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Is it possible to increase Vehicle Storage over 90?


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<!-- vehicleBicycle storage, vehicle storage max is 90 slots, width has worked up to 16+ -->


as this is even (re)marked in the loot.xml, the Devs seems to not like "storage trucks", that is a normadic life, without proper setup base.

And as we actually (therefore thanx Devs!) can mod the backpack to enormous sizes (200++ even 300++ I've seen mods for) - WITHOUT changing DLLs - it's even more strange the Devs has locked that.


Anyone came up with an idea to revert/change this?


Reason: I want to live a normadic way, that is some things in my backpack, but the most things all in my "Caravan" (truck/4x4/whatever 3D Modell you wanna use)...

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