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A17 - WildTerra - Custom Overhaul - MMO/RTS - Alpha Testing


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Greetings everyone on 17.1


Kill 5000 zombies to become a master chef? I don't ♥♥♥♥ing think so.


It is now at the testing stage where people who are both experienced players and modders are needed to play the game normally and help find problems, bugs, balance issues, spelling errors, etc.


Let's bring back "Action Experience", "Learn by Doing"!!! I miss this (and more) from A16.4 badly enough to have spent TONS of time redoing the entire perks system. I've spent about a month putting together this overhaul (it is still not totally complete but nearly so).


(Current auto-level EXP is multiplied 5x, it will be reduced to 1x in production)


Location: North America, NE

Server: WildTerra Overhaul - Alpha Testing

IP: 7dtd1.wildterraonline.com --or--

Port: 26206

Players: 16

Style: Full PvP (Will consider running both PvP and PvE servers in production if popular enough)

Map Size: 4k

Loot: 125%, Respawn: 5 days

Zombies Move: Jog

Zombies Move Night: Walk

Zombies Move Feral: Run

Zombies Blood Moon: Run

Day Night Length: 90 minutes

Day Length: 22 hours

Safe Level: 3

Safe Hours: 4

Death: Drop everything

Party Range: 150

Airdrops: 12 hours, with marker

Max Spawned Zombies: 60

Max Spawned Animals: 100

Bedroll Deadzone: 40


I only request that you act civil and mature. Children, trolls and cheaters will be banned. I have a very low tolerance for stupid. Beyond this, I promote absolute freedom. Thank you in advance.


Server Specs:

CPU model : Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz

Number of cores : 8

CPU frequency : 2444.610 MHz

Total amount of Mem : 32145 MB (3702 MB Used)

Load average : 0.34, 0.72, 0.54

OS : Debian GNU/Linux 9

Arch : x86_64 (64 Bit)

Bandwidth : 1Gbps



As much as possible thus far, leveling skills by using them is back! Improve an ability/perk by doing that action, not something completely unrelated.


For me, I try to focus on making things as real as possible. Accurate to life as we know it in a fictional post-apocalyptic doom scenario. Reality is the primary focus to this overhaul in combination with trying to design something that isn't over in 2 weeks.

Our future goal is to provide long lasting end-game content to keep people interested in long term game play.


Note that some game item and skill descriptions will be wrong. We have not yet made it to editing a Localization.txt ... we're actually hoping that TFP will make localization.xml so we don't have to force people to overwrite their Localization.txt and screw up game play on other servers. Hopefully this happens before we finish this overhaul so we don't have to make one :)


These are the modifications that have been made:

(My post was getting too long, so I moved the full description of all changes off-site)



Most recent addition: (Jan 25, 2019)

* Added Potassium Iodide Tablets. Craftable from Potassium Nitrate and Iodine in the Chemistry Station. Iodine can only be found from Hanging Moss.

* Boars now give Raw Pork when harvested. You can make Boiled Pork the same way you make Boiled Meat, however you can also make it with a Can of Water (clean or otherwise) without requiring the cook pot. You can also make Charred and Grilled Pork. The Bacon and Eggs recipe now uses Raw Pork instead of Raw Meat.

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Holy ♥♥♥♥, are you my twin? I've been working on doing almost exactly the same changes in this list!


I'd help test the server, but we play on our own private server so instead I'm just gonna keep plugging away at my own set of changes. Great work though, I agree with pretty much all the changes. (Though I like traders since we're a small group of players, and I wouldn't want headshot only kills.)


Great work on this though!

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Some of your changes I really like. Especially those bringing back some of the mechanics of A16.4. Thanks for bringing skill experience and recipes back! A realistic learning system is the one thing that this game sorely needs, in my opinion.


Headshot-only kills I personally wouldn't want, since I'm not very accurate. The A16's mechanics were very forgiving of this: the zed could be dropped with a body shot and took bonus stunned damage while immobile.


I didn't encounter any wondering animal hordes.


Spent a better part of 10 in-game days looking for a working forge or forge schematic. Didn't find any. I'm not very familiar with A17's POI. Found plenty of other recipes/schematics, including about 10 on steel tools smithing, but not one for the forge. Are they supposed to be this rare?


Why the current zombie speed and day length settings? Not sure whether I like them or not. The bloodmoon zeds were acting strangely around my base, which was unsurprising, but before I could see what they were trying to accomplish, the time was up and it was all over.

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