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  1. You should try hanging from the pullup bar for a couple of minutes each day to help heal your shoulders. Might need to work your way up to it, but from what I've heard it's supposed to be a good way to restore mobility and strength. Also, something to possibly try as an alternative to working to failure is to do whatever the same total weight is but spread it out over a much longer period of time. Your muscles are still moving the same weight but you're giving them time to recover so you have a reduced chance of injury and your form will be better since you're not at failure, so you get a better workout. (So instead of 435x12 you'd do 435x6 and wait 10 to 15 minutes before doing the rest.) Only downside is your whole workout routine takes much longer, but if you've already had injuries it can help prevent future ones. Heard all this from Joe Rogan recently, but I used to work at a gym and heard similar things over the years from people with good results.
  2. I want to see a special "Loot Zombie" during horde nights that only shows up if you kill a certain % of the horde. He he'd be wearing a backpack with ♥♥♥♥ dangling from it making clanging noises so the players know when he arrives and where he is. He'd waddle up to a player and at about 50 feet or so away he would yell and turn around and waddle away from the players. The players would have to chase him and kill him with melee while the horde is still attacking, all projectiles would bounce off of his armor. If killed, he would drop some great ♥♥♥♥ or a good amount of money. You could have him look like a zombified prepper, wearing a large bugout bag on his back and steel body armor to protect him from gunfire.
  3. What if we just got rid of the attributes (Strength, Agility, Fortitude, etc) and just had perks to buy? Personally, I think it would greatly improve the perk system by not requiring you to put points into attributes in cases where you really only want one or two perks in the entire section. On that same note, what about having varying point costs per perk based on how useful they are instead of just 1 point per perk? That or maybe boost the usefulness of some of the perks and maybe reduce the number of levels in them to make it more worthwhile for each level of investment. As right now there's definitely some perks that are way more useful in general than others. Really, either way if attributes were removed you'd need to ramp up the costs for later perk levels anyway just to balance it properly.
  4. In my testing it generally takes 2 unless you land a headshot or are top tier with your weapon quality / perks. And even then you've lost your weapon and have to get it back, which isn't likely to be easy in the middle of a horde. It's a whole lot easier to unload on them with just about any of the guns and stay out of their range.
  5. Mods: 60 slot backpack mod backpack transfer buttons double-barrel shotgun /w melee attack SMX Hud (I modified it though to remove some icons \ logos) From there, I did a bunch of my own modifications: Rebalanced all Melee to do 2x dmg, thrown spear does 10x, knives have 2x fire rate and 1/2 stamina drain, etc. Basically made melee a viable alternative to guns. Rebalanced bows to do more damage with a higher re-fire rate as well as perks so eventually you can be like Legolas. Rebalanced crossbows to do MUCH more damage so they're basically an extremely slow one shot one kill so you can eventually be like Van Helsing and take out single big enemies. The idea is that all melee weapons should at top tier be able to take out "grunt" zombies with ease and require at least a couple of headshots for "boss" zombies, but not require you to wail away at them like a pinata. Increased most stack size caps to 6k, I had problems with lagging/stuttering with much more than this. All ammo recipies create 5x ammo. (Might rebalance this, but I like to pray and spray.) Glue recipe creates 2x glue. Lots of perk stats were increased anywhere from 50% to 100%. Gain 2 perk points per level instead of 1. Shortened starting quest to just the bedroll and gave 6 perk points instead of 4. I use this with 30min days, 200% loot, 200% xp, and no loot respawns. It gives everything a more fast-paced feel that I like. No grinding, no pummeling single zombies to try to kill them. Perks are more meaningful in general, and they come fast and often. I like to speed-run through these types of games and then burn out and start a new map. I don't have a lot of time to play so I like having a condensed grind-free experience.
  6. Well that sucks. I generally prefer melee \ bows and only use guns for horde nights when there's just too many zombies for anything else.
  7. Yeah I like it too, but generally you can craft just about every type of thing from the start, but they're all kinda ♥♥♥♥ty versions of the things you unlock from looting. With farming it's just flat out locked out it seems like until you get lucky from looting. Seems like it would be better with a crappy barebones form of farming to start with.
  8. Is it just me or are Zombies kind of damage sponges in a18? This is on the lowest difficulty btw. I can't seem to kill them without pummeling each one in the head over and over. So far I've tried the bow, spear, club, and hand wraps. Is there a point where headshots will reliably kill in 1 hit? Otherwise I'm not seeing how I'm going to be able to take on hordes, especially with the bursts of speed zombies get when you hit them while you're backpedaling. Much less horde night. Though there are definitely fewer zombie spawns in the world, but I'd prefer higher spawns with easier to kill zombies so I don't feel like I'm hitting pinatas with a cardboard tube. Also, I think it would help if we got separate % settings for Zombie HP and Zombie Spawn Rates in the game settings.
  9. I would think you should be able to craft poor quality seeds from the start that have a very low chance of yielding anything (like 20% chance per harvest). I'd assumed this would be the case, is it not?
  10. I actually like this aspect of the game, I prefer being "stuck" without something due to randomness, it adds flavor to each playthrough. Now that being said, in older builds I used modded settings where I had like 4x XP gain, 4x resource and loot gain, 1/4 dmg from zombies, 3x zombie numbers, 3x dmg to zombies, instakill headshots, and 20 min days. Basically I played at a breakneck speed with lots of weak zombies. So in that case part of the experience was running myself ragged and then starting a new game, so restarts were just part of the game for me.
  11. Maybe I got me tiers mixed up, but by T1 I mean the starting stuff. (Primitive bow, stone axe, stone spear, etc) As far as hidden requirements, yeah there are a few perks with them. New users don't realize that they're not actually going to be able to craft something they're "unlocking" with a perk point unless they're lucky and find an additional required item. Bicycle Mechanic is another example of this that I've read about (but haven't tried due to my low level.) From what I've read other people warning, a number of these perks that say they allow you to craft the "parts" for the thing they're unlocking, only allow you to craft some of the "parts" while requiring you to find an additional one to actually craft it. EDIT: I'm not saying I want the mechanics changed, I'm just saying I'd like the descriptions changed. Technically I think most people would prefer not to unlock many of these perks until they find the required items and are ready to craft them. It would help if they didn't have to go leave the perk screen and hunt down the recipes to figure all that out. (Which won't occur to most starting players.)
  12. Yeah, part of it is I've been playing a ton of empyrion and in that game you can break down POI's into resources at a fairly good pace with an acceptable amount of loss of resources. In 7 Days though, you really don't get hardly any resources back from destroying blocks, at least not at an effective pace. I tried tearing down the ceiling supports so the roof would collapse since that type of "debris" block is generally easier to break down for resources, but that's how I died the 1 time lol.
  13. Nah for balance reasons I like that only T1 items can be crafted without lootable items. Just personally I've noticed there's a good number of perks that have hidden additional requirements that aren't readily apparent and I think they should clearly list them out for user friendliness.
  14. Seriously, this absolutely IS a design problem. Why the heck would anyone expect there to be "Wood Bow" parts around in the world in the same manner as there are stones and feathers? Was there an robin hood convention in town right before the apocalypse? It's frustrating as a user not knowing what you're getting into with these perks. Like has been said, they are the most limited and crucial choices for a player starting out, and to waste one on something that you can't even use is a big deal and letdown. There should just be some small bullet points about any requirements or limitations for those perk descriptions. Sure, everyone could just "Get Gud" and figure it out, but not before being thoroughly annoyed and frustrated about the lack of clarity in the available choices.
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