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Any changes to serveradmin.xml for A17?


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Ran a dedicated server for a few friends on one of my machines in A16 and this xml (pastebin link below) worked just fine.

Now in A17, the 'dm on' permission is denied. The steamids are steamid64 and they worked in A16. They're changed to xxxxxxxxxxxx in the pastebin.


Can anyone point out the error if there are no changes? It's not working for some reason.



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Here's mine and it works fine:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!--This file holds the settings for who is banned, whitelisted,admins and server command permissions.Steam ID can be found using http://steamid.co/STEAM ID INSTRUCTIONS:===============================================================You can find the SteamID64 of any user with one of the following pages:https://steamdb.info/calculator/, https://steamid.io/lookup, http://steamid.co/http://steamid.co/ instructions:Input the player's name in the search field. example: KinyajuuIf the name doesn't work, you can also use the url of their steam page.Also you may add/remove admins, mods, whitelist, blacklist using in game commands.You will want the STEAM64ID. example: 76561198021925107PERMISSION LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS:===============================================================permission level : 0-1000, a user may run any command equal to or above their permission level.Users not given a permission level in this file will have a default permission level of 1000!COMMAND PERMISSIONS INSTRUCTIONS:===============================================================cmd : This is the command name, any command not in this list will not be usable by anyone but the server.permission level : 0-1000, a user may run any command equal to or above their permission level.Commands not specified in this file will have a default permission level of 0!EVERYTHING BETWEEN <!- - and - -> IS COMMENTED OUT! THE ENTRIES BELOW ARE EXAMPLES THAT ARE NOT ACTIVE!!! -->



<!-- <admin steamID="76561198021925107" permission_level="0" /> -->

<admin permission_level="0" steamID="76561197969157385"/>

<admin permission_level="0" steamID="76561198362820137"/>



<!-- <permission cmd="dm" permission_level="0" /> -->

<!-- <permission cmd="kick" permission_level="1" /> -->

<!-- <permission cmd="say" permission_level="1000" /> -->

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="chunkcache"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="debugshot"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="debugweather"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="getgamepref"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="getgamestat"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="getoptions"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="gettime"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="help"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="listplayerids"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="listthreads"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="memcl"/>

<permission permission_level="1000" cmd="settempunit"/>



<!-- If there are any items in the whitelist, the whitelist only mode is enabled -->

<!-- Nobody can join that ISN'T in the whitelist or admins once whitelist only mode is enabled -->


<!-- <whitelisted steamID="" /> -->



<!-- <blacklisted steamID="" unbandate="" /> -->



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