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Isn't it time for expanded options?


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Cue the flaming arrows!

After initial dislike, I really enjoyed 17E learning to handle stamina and playing with a different focus. Stamina really wasn't as bad as people made out and survival was harder in the first week. Now its shifted again to cater for miners/builders (agreed they had most to grumble about initially in terms of speed).

I think its time for expanded options to tailor the game to your playstyle rather than keep trying to satisfy everyone.

I think everyone disagrees with some aspect of a new build and we all want to play the game how we like to play it. So perhaps just give us the options to select and free up time for all the other stuff they are working on. The amount of complaining over the game has been ludicrous recently and giving the options to tailor your own game may be the best way forward, even if it just shuts some of the whining up!

Ok "cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!"

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