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Explosive weapons and damage


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So I've been doing some testing with weapons and pipe bombs today.


I Gave me needed xp in test world and invested into explosive weapons to the max of 5 points + 10 perception.

Spawned in 25 regular zombies and started dropping down some pipe bombs and explosive crossbow bolts.

It took 20 bolts and 30 pipe bombs to get reed of those Arlene zombies ( one of the weakest ones ).


They do heavy damage to the player though if you blow yourself up :)


I usually didn't play much with explosives in A16. They were strong but I always only kept those as a last resort if things got a bit too intense. I think A16 balance was right on spot and players weren't overusing them. Explosives always felt gunpowder heavy in cost and I also didn't like the damage explosives caused to the blocks. So only used as a last resort or something.


So my question is:

Is the Explosive damage still bugged in A17?


Or is this intended, because if it is intended I don't see the reason why to keep explosives in the game since they are completely useless. Throwing rocks at them does more damage ATM.


Your thoughts?

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