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  1. Hey Alloc first off: love 7dtd and your server fixes.  I even have my wife and daughter playing now. 🙂  I'm reaching out because I didn't see a roadmap on the website for an estimate for your server fixes to be compatible with the 19.6a version.  The specific features that our family likes to use are the sethome and slash commands but enjoy several other wonderful pieces.  I am fairly technical and was wondering if you would take a moment to describe what it takes to make the tool functional with new game version just in case, God forbid you're no longer able to update the tool.  I appreciate all you do and Be Blessed.


    1. Alloc


      Hi Daniel,


      I have no reports of it not working with 19.6 and also not aware of any changes that went into 19.6 that would break compatibility.


      As for building it: Should be pretty straightforward: Load the solution and click build. Oh and first copy the required game DLLs to the 7dtd-binaries folder.




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