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    the one everybody hates. Negan, TheGovernor, Godfather. if you call yourself a pvper and you dont know me. you didnt play long enough.
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    The Sanctuary
  1. They shouldnt remove almost anything they just need to tweak some things out , and add a bit more of other things and will be perfect. nobody wants another pvp game like the ones there are allready there. we want the same feel leveling grinding etc but with pvp
  2. Since A16 is lets say near i would like to adress the pvp issue in a proper manner kind of easy to fix, the true problems also. Why should anyone listen to me? first of all i have been on this amazing journey with this game from a1, i saw all its ups and downs , and all my gameplay experience is just multiplayer pvp (i dont even go to servers that are half pvp or belt drop etc) I also own, and had big clans/gameplay experience on Ark,Rust,h1z1,Space Engineers. So with all this being said i will try to adress problems in a order of their importance and how easy would be (i
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