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  1. I was on top of that bridge and they swarmed me like ants lol. I LOVE THIS 🤣
  2. @Guppy I have a strong desire to see if there's a way to turn myself into one of these and attack my friends, along with a friendly sized horde of twins of course 😂 😈
  3. Seems only image extensions can be uploaded Did you want me to just drop it in code block?
  4. Just updated with current version on git. Same result with the fire chickens, regardless of how they are killed. Also know...I will be slaughtering endless hordes of these things out of pure enjoyment for as long as I can.
  5. Clearly he was tired of freezing and found a simple solution 🤩
  6. I'm just a random passerby, no hard feelings from me
  7. Well yes, that is what we were testing for. As Gup said, they're really not supposed to turn unless they've been set on fire. Hence the testing to confirm. Other than that (which I don't really mind and find quite hilarious), there doesn't appear to be anything making an issue.
  8. Like what? Doesn't seem to cause me any issue.
  9. Had some free time 😅
  10. FuturePortal2 comes preset to teleport you to a second FuturePortal2. This is based off the Location property as far as my limited knowledge has led me to believe. <property name="Location" value="gupDestination01" /> As far as the ones that show Not Connected, their Location value is "" in the xml file These portals connect based on their name and are an "A to B" connection; edit the name as you would a sign. Note: One of the portals seems to require a power connection even though it's set to a zero requirement in the xml, I've not had enough time to do digging on the why but believe it was FuturePortal3
  11. I went with machine gunning because I thought it made sense based on the passive effect I saw in the item file so if I was accurate in that assumption, absolutely! The unlock level may be up to your discretion as I haven't used it yet, not certain if it's needed at machine guns level 11 😅 From my experience so far, every vulture turns into one of those when they die regardless of how. This includes the dev gun. Have not tried command killing them now that I think of it but will let you know the outcome
  12. Ahh ok so I was on to something then at least and not just losing it...well, entirely XD Plopped in a progression file for it and all's well. <configs> <append xpath="/progression/crafting_skills/crafting_skill[@name='craftingMachineGuns']/effect_group/passive_effect[@level='11,100']/@tags">,guppyFlamethrower</append> </configs>
  13. Fire extinguisher has no recipe so one would expect trader/loot only. The flamethrower however, is proving a little more elusive of a mystery.
  14. Noticed there was no progression file or UnlockedBy so I figured there should be no requirement but ended up scratching my head. Noted the gun crafting and machinegun correlations in items.xml so tried maxing out each of those perks to no avail. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- crafting_skill[@name='craftingElectrician']/effect_group/passive_effect[@level='75,100'] I do believe.
  15. confused as to how to unlock the flamethrower recipe, anyone throw me a bone? 😌
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