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  1. It's cool to see some things mentioned in this thread we now have, like functioning garage doors. It's sad to see this thread has not been updated in... a year+? Damn, it bothers me that so many players want to help and share their ideas for free but end up just getting ignored. It's honestly rude af.
  2. Hello and welcome to my thread. It's a very nice thread where I will ramble on about game mechanics and suggestions for 7d2d. This whole post is credited to the massively potent blunt I confiscated from my brother. So, a huge shoutout and thanks to my babybro. Fewer instructions and less hand-holding. A key element of 7d2d is getting the player to think 'what would I do?' or 'could I really survive?' and the more instructions you give us ingame the more we are reminded that it is just a game. To that end it would be better if tips,
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