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  1. I'm playing and there was a strange phenomenon, so I will report it. I don't know if the cause is vanilla or mod, but the phenomenon described below occurs. Randomly create a new world with NEW GAME. Play in the created world. I died. Start by specifying the same world I created in NEW GAME. When I start playing and I pick up a stone, I can get it, but the stone display on the screen remains. The same phenomenon occurs even if the grass is collected. There was no problem when I recreated a new random world with a new seed. You already know this phenomenon,
  2. Yes, in the case of "food and water" statistics, if you are talking about absolute values, then (満腹値:, 水分値:) is correct. I will use the file immediately. Thank you.
  3. I will report on the Japanese translation in Localization.txt. I hope you find this report useful. statDegradationMax,ui_display,Item stat,,,Max Durability:,,,,,,最大耐久性:,,,,"Изначальная прочность:",,,, --> statDegradationMax,ui_display,Item stat,,,Max Durability:,,,,,,最大耐久値:,,,,"Изначальная прочность:",,,, statFoodDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Fullness:",,,,,,充実度:,,,,"Еда:",,,, statWaterDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Hydration:",,,,,,水和度:,,,,"Вода:",,,, --> statFoodDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Fullness:",,,,,,満腹度:,,,,"Еда:",,,, statWaterDisplay,
  4. Thank you. I understand that athletics are required. My athletic level was 14. (^^;
  5. Thank you for rating my poor video. (However, since it is a Voiceroid video, it may not be accepted by the general public) It may be fixed in the latest version, but I will give you a report. (I'm playing with v19.3.01a) - Power attack is not possible with a stone sledgehammer. My Melee Action is 27. Sledgehammer required 25. - The description of the sledgehammer is different between the upper and lower rows (see the attached picture). The upper row (white) is required 7, and the lower row (green) is required 14. The same was true for the iron sledgehammer.
  6. I am enjoying the world of CLASSIC leisurely. If I disassemble Barrel for Pyrolysis, I will be able to obtain a Red Barrels of the Old type. And from there I can craft gasoline. I don't think this was what you intended, but how about it?
  7. Thank you for the answer. I’m sorry to bother you. ・Walkers : I was surprised to walk. I was afraid that it couldn't install the MOD correctly. I understood that the waves of walkers existed. ・WoodSpikes : I started the game and tried it. Completely understood. With this, I'll be able to survive the next Blood Moon, If I don't fall out of the base. ・Nails : I understand that nails are by design.
  8. Thank you for the fun mod. This is my poor video, but I hope you enjoy it. I have the following questions in the # 4 (uploading) video. (Ver19.3.01a) ・ The first wave of zombies was walking in the first Blood-Moon. ・No damage from WoodSpike. ・ Nail can be obtained by downgrading WoodLog. (specification?) (Google Translate)
  9. Thank you for your reply. I understand. (google translate)
  10. Thanks for the fun mod. Are pipe pistol, pipe rifle, and scrap tools obsolete in V1.3 (α19.3)? (Google Translate.)
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