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  1. Thank you for the new version (CSH_v20.4.01). I'm having fun playing. I will write one thing that I noticed. Please correct it when you have free time. Bandana requires 2 pieces of cloth to make, but I can get 3 pieces of cloth by dismantling.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I understand and turn off dynamic music. Red letters are not good for mental health, even if they do not affect the game. The crouching loot is often done. I'm crouching in principle. (^^;
  3. Thank you for the new version. Some warnings have been displayed, so I will upload the image. This is a warning message that may not be related to CSH but is not displayed in Vanilla. The game is playing without problems. Except that I was suddenly beaten to death by a lumberjack zombie ... (^^; --- α20.4(b42) & CSH_v20.4.00
  4. Succeeded. Lv.6 GameStage18 Maybe I failed to copy the file. Thank you.
  5. Thank you very much. I received the file, so I'll try it.
  6. I will report two today. 1. I tried using "giveselfxp", but the Lv. Did not change. I only killed 119 zombies, so is it reasonable that the Lv. Doesn't change? Lv.1 GameStage 3 giveselfxp 56525 (56525 = 475 * 119) ---> Lv.1 GameStage 3 2. No zombies appeared at Blood Moon Horde on the 7th day. Lv.1 GameStage 3 I was able to spend the night leisurely staring at the flames of the Morotov cocktail. (^^;
  7. I'm still enjoying the hardships. Thank you. There was something wrong with the Japanese translation, so I will report it. I hope it will be reflected in the next version. CSH: v19.5.00 Localization.txt --- statFallDamageResist,ui_display,Item stat,,,Fall Damage Resist:,,,,,,足の固定:,,,,"Фиксация стопы:",,,, statStunPrimary,ui_display,Item stat,,,Stun Primary Attack:,,,,,,メイン攻撃に唖然とされる確率:,,,,"Вероятность оглушить осн.атакой:",,,, statStunSecondary,ui_display,Item stat,,,Stun Power Attack:,,,,,,パワーアタックによって唖然とされる確率:,,,,"Вероятность оглушить силов.атакой:",,,, --- -> --- statFallDamageResist,ui_display,Item stat,,,Fall Damage Resist:,,,,,,落下ダメージ緩和:,,,,"Фиксация стопы:",,,, statStunPrimary,ui_display,Item stat,,,Stun Primary Attack:,,,,,,通常攻撃でスタンする確率:,,,,"Вероятность оглушить осн.атакой:",,,, statStunSecondary,ui_display,Item stat,,,Stun Power Attack:,,,,,,パワーアタックでスタンする確率:,,,,"Вероятность оглушить силов.атакой:",,,, ---
  8. Yes, the fever was over 40 degrees. I also understood that it means slow withdrawal of Health. And because I was obsessed with evil thoughts, I didn't eat or take antipyretic treatments. What I wondered was that it happened the moment I ate. It is not known whether the decline occurred at the timing of eating or whether the decline occurred regardless of the meal. If it has nothing to do with meal, I think there is no problem with a coincidence. But if meal is the trigger, I thought it might be a problem. That is my report. Please forgive me for not being able to express it well.
  9. I'm playing and there was a strange phenomenon, so I will report it. I spent a few days infected and very hungry. The infection had progressed to stage 2. The fullness value was 0 and the health value was close to 0. As soon as I ate in that state, I died. It's indistinguishable whether it was because I ate or I just happened to eat just before I died. I think I wouldn't have died if I hadn't eaten at that time, so I'll report it. (Maybe it's a guess) In other words, I think it was correct for me to die without eating. Thank you for the fun mod. --- vanilla ver.19.4(b7) mod ver.19.4.02
  10. I'm playing and there was a strange phenomenon, so I will report it. I don't know if the cause is vanilla or mod, but the phenomenon described below occurs. Randomly create a new world with NEW GAME. Play in the created world. I died. Start by specifying the same world I created in NEW GAME. When I start playing and I pick up a stone, I can get it, but the stone display on the screen remains. The same phenomenon occurs even if the grass is collected. There was no problem when I recreated a new random world with a new seed. You already know this phenomenon, but I have reported it just in case. Thank you for the fun mod. --- vanilla ver.19.4(b7) mod ver.19.4.02
  11. Yes, in the case of "food and water" statistics, if you are talking about absolute values, then (満腹値:, 水分値:) is correct. I will use the file immediately. Thank you.
  12. I will report on the Japanese translation in Localization.txt. I hope you find this report useful. statDegradationMax,ui_display,Item stat,,,Max Durability:,,,,,,最大耐久性:,,,,"Изначальная прочность:",,,, --> statDegradationMax,ui_display,Item stat,,,Max Durability:,,,,,,最大耐久値:,,,,"Изначальная прочность:",,,, statFoodDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Fullness:",,,,,,充実度:,,,,"Еда:",,,, statWaterDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Hydration:",,,,,,水和度:,,,,"Вода:",,,, --> statFoodDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Fullness:",,,,,,満腹度:,,,,"Еда:",,,, statWaterDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Hydration:",,,,,,水分:,,,,"Вода:",,,, or statFoodDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Fullness:",,,,,,満腹値:,,,,"Еда:",,,, statWaterDisplay,ui_display,Item stat,,,"Hydration:",,,,,,水分値:,,,,"Вода:",,,, ※"度" often represents a percentage, and "値" represents an absolute value. "水和度" is not used as a term for thirsty level. It is used to indicate the state of binding between a substance and water. However, the expression "水分度" is not often used. And the expression "水分値" is not often used, but I think it is used rather than "水分度".
  13. Thank you. I understand that athletics are required. My athletic level was 14. (^^;
  14. Thank you for rating my poor video. (However, since it is a Voiceroid video, it may not be accepted by the general public) It may be fixed in the latest version, but I will give you a report. (I'm playing with v19.3.01a) - Power attack is not possible with a stone sledgehammer. My Melee Action is 27. Sledgehammer required 25. - The description of the sledgehammer is different between the upper and lower rows (see the attached picture). The upper row (white) is required 7, and the lower row (green) is required 14. The same was true for the iron sledgehammer.
  15. I am enjoying the world of CLASSIC leisurely. If I disassemble Barrel for Pyrolysis, I will be able to obtain a Red Barrels of the Old type. And from there I can craft gasoline. I don't think this was what you intended, but how about it?
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