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  1. Hello to those of the Ravenhurst team, I have played this mod before and returned as I enjoyed the challenge in the past, as the vanilla game is just WAY too easy. I like the danger of having so many zombies in the cities, I like the difficulty of having to purify water prior to boiling. What I do find frustrating though is the complexity and rarity of the materials needed to establish the minimum needs of my character. Twine needed for a survival campfire <groan> and a fire barrel in order to filter water <Ugg>. But then the it gets worse, you cant harvest fire barrel, you need forged iron, ok I ran to the shop sold everything to buy 7 forged iron. But guess what now... I CANT make the filtration unit because its locked. How do I unlock it ????? NO OPTIONS to unlock. I was hoping for more zombies and got them I was hoping to have a good challenging time, however what I get from Ravenhearst in 7.2... is torture. 10% dysentery chance from clean boiled water???? And don't even get me started with the fact you cant put items in containers around the world, and the tutorial has you collect more items than you can carry. Thanks for the lumps and you can keep the stool samples. But this gaming experience was the opposite of fun. Later
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